The Redesign of Natural Objects – The Orphan Black Podcast 408

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The Redesign of Natural Objects

The Redesign of Natural Objects

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Welcome back everyone. I am so happy that you’ve joined me to discuss the eight episode of Orphan Black season 4.

This week I talk about “The Redesign of Natural Objects”. I found this episode to be better than last week. It moved the story along nicely and set some things in motion that should propel us through the final two episodes and into next season.


Donnie is in jail wich isn’t a good fit for him. Especially since there’s a Neolution thug in there keeping an eye on him. This predicament leads to Alison having to make some tough choices.

Cosima and Scott have a breakthrough and figure out that Leda eggs and Castor semen may hold the key to their cure. So Cosima takes a trip to Susan Duncan’s mysterious island.

Mrs. S. get’s her revenge on Detective Duko but not before getting some answers from him. But what is Evie Cho really up to?

I discuss all of this and so much more in this week’s episode of the podcast. As always I finish the episode off with some great feedback from listeners.

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What you didn’t know about “The Redesign of Natural Objects”

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1 Comment

  1. Hi Mark again,
    I decided to add some further commentary (opinion/information) after listening to the podcast.

    FYI – Alison is singing the role of Judas while the intercuts are playing out.

    Given how hardcore the Prolethians are would they tolerate Adele’s addiction to alcohol, let alone narcotics? However, Reverend Mike could well be either a Prolethian or a Neolutionist – he was just too on the money when talking to Alison. My first thought was he was Evie Cho’s pawn. On a second (& 3rd) viewing I started sliding the other way.

    The evidence against Duko would need to be handled carefully – given some of it would have been hacked from the Police’s own data we could end up with a mini Edward Snowden situation.

    Regarding Rachel and X-ray vision – I thought at the end of the last season when Rachel woke up on the island ‘of Dr Moreau’ she was seeing into the X-ray spectrum as that display of stuffed birds was not in the same room as her. So there may be more to her eye than we thought. None of that explains the swan but might explain the guy she was seeing.
    The decapitated swan probably does not apply to Leda. Zeus was the swan, not Leda. Is a decapitated swan a vision of a decapitated Neolution?

    Penultimate point – Evie Cho is an IDIOT!
    If she had left our clones alone instead of going after them, they wouldn’t have been a threat – they would have left well alone, most just wanted to get on with their lives. They would have been happy returning to the status quo. Except Cosima, she wants to find Delphine. As long as Neolution doesn’t have her they don’t have a problem. Of course that ruins the show we love – it would end after 8 episodes.

    Finally – you are better off reading my writing than listening to me talking. As a person born in the UK that immigrated to Australia as a teenager my accent is a strange blend of Sarah Manning and Jeremy of the PSA fame, without Jeremy’s youth. Having visited North America many times in the past I know I can be hard to understand. And that’s my excuse for being a Luddite.

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