The Monster And The Rocket Double Take – S2E12 – The Expanse Podcast

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The Monster And The Rocket Double Take – S2E12 The Expanse Podcast

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Welcome to The Expanse Podcast Double Take. This is where I give you my first impressions right after seeing the twelfth episode of season 2 titled “The Monster And The Rocket”. I’m creating these short posts to encourage listener feedback by asking questions about the episode.

This week’s question are…

1) What is Errinwright up to?

2) What will it take for Prax to understand?

3) How will Amos react?

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  1. Love the new Errinwright. So much better developed and deeper than the the one in the books. They played us on the implied suicide tones. The twist actually brings us back closer to where we ought to be based on the books. It ultimately makes him an even bigger culprit this way.

    Prax will come around when he witnesses the events of the protomolecule hybrid wrecking the Rocinante.

    I think Amos will accept that Naomi did what she thought was right. He trusts her in that but he just worries for her safety. If she was successful despite the risk, he won’t hold a grudge.

    Laughed at Bobbie and the cucumbers. Video replay:!

    The cliffhanger shows in the finale promo. Activity on Venus. With ADAM SAVAGE! “I think the crater’s moving!”

    And the part that I expected in episode 12 titled “The Monster and The Rocket” will actually end up in the finale. We see the protomonster stowaway.

  2. Don’t see Admiral Nguyen’s role in this version.
    Don’t know how the events of the Agatha King will play out especially with Sadavir taking such an overt position on the protomolecule against Chrisjen’s direction

  3. Probably someone already mentioned Naomi’s son, Filippe appears in book 5

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