The Mitigation of Competition – The Orphan Black Podcast 409

Jun 16, 2016 | The Orphan Black Podcast | 0 comments

The Mitigation of Competition

The Mitigation of Competition

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Welcome back, everyone. I am so happy that you’ve joined me to discuss the ninth episode of Orphan Black season 4.

This week I talk about “The Mitigation of Competition”. This episode had some great moments, including the return of two characters, one of them taking me completely by surprise.

Donnie is out of jail and is having some trouble keeping his hands off of Alison. Unfortunately, she’s having a crisis of faith. But, in the end, her prayers are answered.

Cosima has the smallest part in the episode but what she does may impact all of next season.

As expected, Sarah and Rachel don’t play nicely together. While Sarah thought she was the one in charge it turns out that Rachel had the upper hand. Goog thing too, since it appears like her plan worked.

And what of Adele, she met yet another of Sarah’s sisters, so it’s triplets now. I wonder what’s going on in her mind.

I talk about all this and more plus get some great feedback from my listeners.

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Photo of Aynsley in background as Alison contemplates dringing again. Thanks Bryan.

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