Orphan Black Final Season Roundtable – The Orphan Black Podcast

Jun 1, 2017 | The Orphan Black Podcast | 0 comments

Final Season Roundtable

Orphan Black season 3 roundtable

In this special episode of The Orphan Black Podcast, I’m joined by Kris from the Tatiana Is Everyone Podcast, Karen from Felix’s Helixes, Shawn from 324B21: The Orphan Black Podcast and Terry from The C Word Podcast. We all came together to openly talk about our beloved show Orphan Black.

To keep us in line Kevin Bachelder from the Tuning Into SciFi TV Podcast moderated the roundtable.

The group of us touch briefly on season 4 but the bulk of our conversions talks about what we expect from the fifth and final season.

Enjoy the conversation.

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