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How To Kill Friends And Influence People

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Welcome to this Double Take episode of The Warrant Is All – The Killjoys Podcast. These are my first impressions right after seeing the season 2 episode of Killjoys titled “How To Kill Friends And Influence People”. I’m creating these short posts to encourage listener feedback by asking questions about the episode.

This week’s Feedback deadline is Monday at 6pm EST.

My questions for this week’s questions are…

1) Did Johnny kill Delle Seyah Kendry?

2) How do you compare season 2 to season 1?

3) What direction will the show take in season 3?

Send me your thought about these questions or any other part of this latest episode of Killjoys.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    What a great season of Killjoys we just experienced. I am so glad that the show was renewed for Season 3. My only sadness is that two great characters – Khylen and Pawter were killed off in season 2. We still do not know everything and I was hoping that they would be around to world build and take us into the impending war.

    Onto the double take questions:

    1) Delle Seyah is still alive. She probably called her assist and body guards over to rush her to a medical facility nearby. Based on her discussions with ‘Khlyen’, I wonder if her plan is to become a level 6?

    2) Both seasons were great. I probably enjoyed season 2 and little more because we already knew the characters and were able to delve into the story, mythology, politics, and world building of the show. I just don’t like that shows feel they need to kill off characters to advance the plot line of the main characters.

    3) This is what I expect to see: Aneela v Dutch, Delle Seyah becoming a level 6 and hooking up with Aneela, The war – Khlyen’s homeworld comes to conquer the J/Quad, the adventures of Johnny and Clara (for a bit), Fancy Lee joins our Killjoys to hunt Aneela and stop the war.

    Thank you Mark for your coverage and dedication to Killjoys. Thank you to the Warrant Is All community for supporting the podcast and sending in incredible feedback. What’s next for you Mark? The Expanse?

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