Here There Be Dragons Double Take – S2E11 – The Expanse Podcast

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Here There Be Dragons Double Take – S2E11 The Expanse Podcast

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Welcome to The Expanse Podcast Double Take. This is where I give you my first impressions right after seeing the eleventh episode of season 2 titled “Here There Be Dragons”. I’m creating these short posts to encourage listener feedback by asking questions about the episode.

This week’s question are…

1) What is Mei’s fate?

2) Is Jules-Pierre Mao’s invitation a trap?

3) What will happen to Bobbie now?

Bonus) Naomi has a son! Thoughts?

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Elisa from LA back to chat about the latest episode of The Expanse. Man, I really enjoyed this episode. Bobbie found out the truth and really kicked some ass. I loved the way she manhandled Martens. The team up with Avasarala is going to be brilliant.

    I really enjoyed the graphics and detailed physics and thought processes that Alex demonstrated on the ship. He has a very realistic connection with the computer/spaceship. That slingshot method to get to the Roci crew was genius.

    The revelation that Naomi lost her baby was heartbreaking, but she is the heart and soul of the Roci crew. She understood Amos and took him in. She connected with crazy Miller, and now she is relating to Prax along with the Ganymede survivors. Gawd, I really love that character.

    Now on to the questions, that I did not answer in my general commentary.

    What is Mei’s fate? I think her illness and that of the other children, for some odd scientific reason has made them susceptible to experimentation and mutation. Strickland looks like he is trying to create a protomolecule/human hybrid. Which is terrible and frightening.

    Is Jules-Pierre Mao inviting Avasarala into a trap? Of course. What do they say about a cornered animal?

    What will happen to Bobbie now? She will join up with Avasarala and reveal the truth of what happened on Ganymede.

    Loving the show and loving the podcast community. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into book 3 and the related novellas, once season 2 is over.

  2. This may not be PC but – is Naomis body not affected by her pregnanc(ies) ?
    I am male and i have never been with a mother, so I wonder about this

  3. Hey Mark, I’ve read all thee books and I can tell you without revealing too much that Naomi’s son plays a major role in the last two most recent books.

    Also, I was first surprised that Bobbi didn’t bring her battle armor with her when she escaped the Martian embassy, but then I realized that the UN still has it for examination. It plays a major part in the next few books. I hope that stays in the show.

    Keep up the good work.

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