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Heart-Shaped Box

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Welcome to this Double Take episode of The Warrant Is All – The Killjoys Podcast. These are my first impressions right after seeing the season 2 episode of Killjoys titled “Heart-Shaped Box”. I’m creating these short posts to encourage listener feedback by asking questions about the episode.

This week’s Feedback deadline is Monday at 9am EST.

My questions for this week’s questions are…

1) What caused Khleyn to rebel against the RAC?

2) What will happen to Johnny?

3) Is Aneela, the name from the red box the “other Dutch”?

Bonus) Have we seen the last of Sabine?

Send me your thought about these questions or any other part of this latest episode of Killjoys.

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  1. Hi Mark

    Just wanted to let you know that I keep praising your podcast to whomever tells me that they watch Killjoys. Your podcast and fan community of listeners are must part of anyone’s Killjoy experience.

    I don’t have much time but here’s my double take responses.

    1) Khylen has rebelled from the RAC because he found out they were in the back pocket of the company.

    2) Johnny is going to go rogue and quit our Killjoys team for a time to go help Pawter.

    3) Yes Aneela is the Dutch lookalike.

    4) Well Sabine is level 6 and part of the black root and we did see that her cohorts retrieved her body, so I think they will probably save her life and put her into rehabilitation. We have not seen the last of Sabine. Danger, danger because D’avin still has a sweet spot for her, plus Sabine knows a lot about our team.

    This episode was good but not as great as last episode. Still enjoying this season a lot. I don’t understand why Syfy doesn’t promote this show as much as it does Dark Matter? No comic con. Very little social media. I don’t understand. They really need to renew Killjoys for Season 3. It is so much fun and better than any of their other shows aired in the summertime.

  2. Wow! Just Wow! This show puts “other” sci fi shows to shame cough Dark Matter cough with its writing, acting, directing, world building, humor, friendships and family. One of the best DRAMAs ( yes its a great drama that “happens” to be a scifi show) on tv in several years.\
    Oh, I also want to say that I really enjoy your podcast. Keep it going.
    1) Khylen long ago fell in love ( even though all emotions like love are erased from Level 6’s) with Dutch’s mother. SHE is the women in D’avin’s vision and she just happens to be the spitting image of Dutch. I think that her mum placed her with the family that owned the moon to hide her from Khylen ( just like Leia was placed with the Organa family) Teaching her to kill is his way of protecting her from the Black Root.
    2) Johnny, Johnny, Johnny…What are we going to do with you? Johnny’s story this year has been the most disappointing for me. Season 1 he was Dutch’s equal, her partner, her family. This season D’avin has completely taken over his little brothers role. As far as we know, Jelco still has the bomb around his heart. I think Pawter will trade hin the bomb for Johnny.
    3) I think Aneela is “The Lady”. I searched online for the name and one of the meanings I found was “Aristocratic Lady” Also…”Aneela are diplomatic, sensitive and kind. Aneela act as peacemaker and their intent is to make a balance among things. Aneela likes to make friends and follow their intuition.”
    Bonus question. We will see Sabine only as a screen grab this season. Next year? Who knows.

    I had one question I have not seen anybody talk about. Yes its only a 10 episode season, but didnt the “hookups “happen a little too fast! It was just episode 7 of season 1 where Pawter had to save Johnny from death. And now in season 2 Johnny hooks up with Pawter, Dutch hooks up with Aldus and D’avin hooks up with Sabine. I just never saw the romantic, sexy between Pawter and Johnny.

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