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Gag or throttle

Gag Or Throttle S5E07

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Welcome back, everyone. I am so happy that you’ve joined me to discuss the fifth and final season of Orphan Black.

This week I talk about “Gag Or Throttle”, the seventh episode of season 5.

This week is almost completely about Rachel and her backstory and the struggle with what is going to happen to Kira. We also discover P.T.’s true identity.

A couple of familiar faces are back, in the form of Mark and Gracie. What are they up to. And what is up with the “New and improved” Alison?

I also shared some great feedback from my listeners.

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  1. Mark, I have the same concern you mentioned about the omission of Cal in the endgame. I had a Cal+MK as the two extreme techies with money theory that I fear may not happen now. Remember that after MK took the $3.7M from Ferdinand, she claims the money is, “invested well.” Since the two were digging deep into the same digital dirt on Dyad, TopSide, etc. and both had money to influence outcomes, I think they may have combined forces. And I think MK will prove to be even more heroic to the outcome of the show than we have thought till now. And, I think Cal will bring about a “corporate” play , that may solve some issues with the Neolution board. It would be a fitting resolve for the techies!

    • I like that thought Terry. Maybe Cal will purchase Dyad and truly free all the clones.

  2. Good evening Mark,
    First time responder, long time listener! I’m a few minutes into the Gag or Throttle podcast and you’re at the bit where you’re discussing self-aware clones and I noticed you left out the Helsinki clones. Just something that tickled my brain and I wanted to throw in. Thanks for all you do!

    • Thanks Laila. I actually realized several seconds after I listed a bunch of them that I had missed the Helsinki clones, specifically M.K. But when I realized I had forgotten them I didn’t bother going back to that topic just to name them. Thanks for listening.

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