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From Instinct to Rational Control

From Instinct to Rational Control

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Welcome back everyone. I am so happy that you’ve joined me to discuss the fourth episode of Orphan Black season 4.

This week I talk about “From Instinct to Rational Control”. Things continue to moved along this week as we get more and more of the story.

Cosima and Scott make some progress on figuring out what the cheek bot is.

Helena makes a hard decision that I’m curious where it will lead her.

Sarah turns to M.K. for help in deciphering Ferdinand’s message from Rachel but things don’t go her way and we end up getting some answers as to the mysterious clone’s past.

Rachel is asked to make a hard decision regarding Charlotte but I’m not so sure what that decision really means.

And after a chance encounter with Trina, Alison looks into Lifespring Fertility and their Brightborn Treatment with the help of Donnie and Felix, and hilarity ensues.

As always I finish the episode off with some great feedback from listeners.

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Q&A with Prosthetic Makeup Supervisor Chris Bridges

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  1. Love the podcast.

    Some clarification and perhaps some opinion.

    We do know that Veera Suominen met Rachel as a child. Veera was a victim of the same lab explosion that supposedly killed Rachel’s parents. That is where she got her burn scars. We also know that Rachel reacted badly to the fact that Veera survived and her parents didn’t. We know this from them Rachel comic. We also know from the comic that Rachel in her first Topside board meeting suggested that the Helsinki clones all be killed once she realised Veera was one of them.


    Veera/MK is after Rachel. Ferdinand is just the first step.

    Opinion 2, unrelated.
    Sarah, Helena & Kira are what the neolutionists want to create but they occurred by natural evolution. They are Darwinian not neolutionism.They were born outside of the control of the experiment. Everything that sets them apart from the other clones is down to their natural healing abilities. Sarah’s bot is too young and small to have been implanted at birth. MK was calling the dead neolutionosts ‘tadpoles’ for willing to be experimented upon. That says the bots are relatively new tech. It has to have been implanted while she was in Dyad under Dr Nealon’s care.
    I hope this sets thoughts in motion, because that is what the show wants from us

    • Thanks Tony. I’ll have to re-read the Rachel comic and refresh my memory on what happened in it. I’m not sure if the comic book is considered cannon for the TV show considering the majority of viewers haven’t read them. I finally picked up the Helsinki series but haven’t had the time to look at them yet. I really should do that soon.

      I fully agree with your second opinion. And I can’t wait to see what the show runners have in store for us for the rest of the season.

      • Me again (while waiting for 4X05 to come online here).
        I vaguely remember Helsinki getting a mention early in the show, maybe as early as season 1 in a throw away line, but n a way that stuck in memory. It didn’t come as a surprise in the start of season 3.

        Anyway harking back to the comics – Veera’s barcode is 3MK29A which tells us everything we need to know about the AKA.

        Now here’s my speculation:

        Will the bot change Sarah, or will Sarah change the bot?

        I would like to think the latter.

  2. I think that when Sarah told MK that Susan Duncan was still alive and has Rachel she changed her plans and is going to use the money she took track down Susan and Rachel to get revenge on them for the lab fire that burnt her and the abuse Rachel did when they were children.

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