Fancy Lee – Interview with Sean Baek

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Fancy Lee, John, D'avin, Sean Baek

Fancy Lee – Interview with Sean Baek

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Welcome everyone. I am so happy that you’ve joined me today for this special edition of the podcast. I recently had the privilege of talking with the RAC’s designated A-hole himself, Fancy Lee played by Toronto actor Sean Baek. On today’s episode we discuss how Sean first got into acting and how he ended up playing Fancy Lee on Killjoys.

Sean and I then discuss the intricacies of both Killjoys and Fancy Lee, with special attention given to episode 6 “One Blood” where Fancy Lee really got to shine. So wether you’re a Fancy Lee fan or not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy our talk as we discuss one of the most interesting and mysterious characters on Killjoys. I hope you enjoy the interview.

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  1. Wonderful and insightful interview! Thank you!

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