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Ease For Idle Millionaires

Ease For Idle Millionaires S5E05

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Welcome back, everyone. I am so happy that you’ve joined me to discuss the fifth and final season of Orphan Black.

This week I talk about “Ease For Idle Millionaires”, the fifth episode of season 5.

This week I cover the interactions between Delphine and Cosima, Ira and Susan, Rachel and P.T. and of course the dinner party. I also talk a bit about Sarah and Kira and the “monster” in the woods and what it all means. This episode is turning into a fan favourite and I had a great time talking about it.

I also shared some great feedback from my listeners.

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  1. After listening to your recap and everyone else’s comments, I have some additional thoughts.

    If, as you think might happen, Helena dies, who will adopt the twins?

    Here’s a long shot theory – Mrs S’s deep mole is Rachel. This is based solely on a comment by one of the show-runners in a preseason interview where one of them said that Rachel ends up up in an unexpected place.

    Re Tatiana Maslaney’s talent, she’s already been compared to Meryl Streep on mainstream US TV on the daytime talk show “The View”.

    In my opinion that’s fair. Also, being from Aus. I would extend the comparison to Cate Blanchett in her ability to disappear into a character.

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