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Gag Or Throttle

Double Take S5E7

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Welcome to the Orphan Black Double Take where I give you my first impressions right after seeing the seventh episode of season 5 titled “Gag Or Throttle” for the first time. I’m creating these short posts to encourage listener feedback by asking questions about the episode.

Feedback deadline is Monday at 12 noon Eastern Time.

This week’s questions are…

1) Do you have any sympathies for Rachel after this episode?

2) What are your thoughts about the new Alison?

3) In your opinion. Where is the story going in the next 3 episodes?

Send me your thought about these questions or any other part of this latest episode of Orphan Black.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I had to take some time to think about this as I have a number of questions of my own.

    Starting off with yours:

    1. Sympathy for Rachel: yes a little, look at her upbringing! Under the circumstances it’s surprising that she didn’t turn out to be another “PT Westmoreland” or a total sociopath. Well, on second thoughts, maybe she did.

    2 The new Alison? That’s a reversion to the old season one Alison. She’s trying to hide from everything. She’s almost the ideal victim for a pair of knock-on-the-front-door christian evangelists at this point in time. This is her desperate attempt to retake control of her life.

    3 Where is this going? You do realise that whoever gets this right will be forever accused of spoiling the ending for everyone else:).
    Somehow, with the information gathered in Geneva along with the expose of PT (see, I was right when I said Barnum) and his real persona will cause Neolution to collapse in on itself.

    Other thoughts:

    Rachel won’t survive long enough to take part in a clone dinner/dance/whatever party.

    Who is going to be the victim of Mark & Gracie’s scam, Helena or Neolution? The show pointed to Helena but do we get another u-turn?

    Is there enough time left for Tony to reappear?

    Who designed and engineered Rachel’s eye? PT (John) ain’t smart enough. We haven’t seen a lot of top notch scientists or engineers so far in Neolution in the show.

    Where’s the messenger? What’s he up to?

  2. Here’s a follow-up after thinking about what I didn’t say before:

    The way this show is ramping up from episode to episode there may well be ambulances called for heart attack victims while the final airs 🙂

    This season could have done with a couple of extra episodes; there are times where the plot seems rushed. And no-one will complain about more Orphan Black, right?

    MK’s investment: more info please.

    Think back to Graeme Manson’s comment that Rachel would end up in a different place from that we might have expected. She’s already there.

    And does Coady still care about the Castor clones, or is she just about the experiments moving forward?

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