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Beneath Her Heart

Double Take S5E3

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Welcome to the Orphan Black Double Take where I give you my first impressions right after seeing the third episode of season 5 titled “Beneath Her Heart” for the first time. I’m creating these short posts to encourage listener feedback by asking questions about the episode.

Feedback deadline is Monday at 12 noon Eastern Time.

This week’s questions are…

1) What is going through Kira’s mind?

2) Where will Alison go?

3) Where is Helena?

Bonus) Can you translate Helena’s writing?

Send me your thought about these questions or any other part of this latest episode of Orphan Black.

I’d like to thank everyone who has subscribed to this podcast and encourage you to join the discussion by sending in your feedback by calling +1-805-910-7656 or by e-mailing me at

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  1. I missed your deadline for your 3 questions as I watched the episode on Monday evening AEST because of other commitments.

    Given that the show has said that we’ll see a specific clone-centric episode during the season I was happy with this one, Alison showed a lot more character growth this episode!

    I guess we will soon see both Helena and Rachel-centric episodes this season too.

    Where is Ferdinand?

    Where did MK invest Ferdinand’s money?

    Finally; is PT Westmoreland really PT Barnum? It could all be a scam.

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