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To Right The Wrongs Of Many

Orphan Black Double Take for S5E10

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Welcome to the Orphan Black Double Take where I give you my first impressions right after seeing the Orphan Black series finale titled “To Right The Wrongs Of Many”. I’m creating these short posts to encourage listener feedback by asking questions about the episode.

Feedback deadline is Monday at 12 noon Eastern Time.

This week’s questions are…

1) Were you satisfied with the way they ended the series?

2) Is Orphan Black a series you would rewatch in the future?

3) What did this series mean to you?

Send me your thought about these questions or any other part of this latest episode of Orphan Black.

I’d like to thank everyone who has subscribed to this podcast and encourage you to join the discussion by sending in your feedback by calling +1-805-910-7656 or by e-mailing me at


  1. Hi Mark, first I would like to thank you for the podcast. I really have enjoyed it. My answers to this weeks questions: 1. Yes I was satisfied with the Orphan Black season finale. After MK was so brutally murdered I always believed Sarah, Cosima, Helena, Alison and Rachel would survive. My only disappointment was there was no mention of Cal in the finale.
    2. I will definitely be watching reruns of Orphan Black in the future. I have seasons 1 thru 4 on blue ray. I have watched those episode more than 100 times. I have preordered season 5. I will be binge watching the entire series in the near future. When I originally watched the first season I was like a junkie chasing their first high. Watching it over and over.
    3. What the series means to me: I am a 62 year old militant black activist. This show was a welcome break from the serious things in my life. I watch very few television shows. I only started Orphan Black because a season 1 OB marathon was on DirecTv prior to season 2. This show means so much to me because I can relate to it. When I found Orphan Black I had recently found 4 sisters that I had never known. I could related to Sarah finding her sestras. And the sestras learning to love one another. The show is about acceptance. This world would be a better place if we all learned to love and accept one another despite our differences. Orphan Black was about family. Not just blood family. The sestra I identified with the most was Sarah who is my fav. IMO Orphan Black is the best show ever! Thanks again Mark for a wonderful podcast.

    • Lovely. Enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thank you for your activism. I feel support for all us sestras. Congratulations on your expanded family. More love in life is always a good thing. All the best to you Annette.

    • Hi Annette, I’m so sorry. I messed up with the podcast and didn’t include your feedback. For some reason, I was not notified that you left a comment. I only received Lisa’s reply which is what confused me as you hear in the podcast.

  2. Hi Marc,

    I am writing to share with all, my theory that watching Orphan Black inspired. So, I got to thinking about the process taking place in a fertilized egg, at the moment when an Y chromosome is thrown. I started imagining what an XX egg would be doing, alongside an XY egg. I saw a momentary pause, of new information washing the cells of the XY egg. And I imagine it is in this momentary pause, that the 2 1/2 year maturation difference is expressed in. Time would compound on itself, and while it was but a momentary pause, that pause so very early in existence, would build on itself. Like interest in a bank account. So, that is my theory And well, Fred, is there any chance I am in the ballpark of being right?
    Thank you Marc. Thank you Fred. And thank you listeners. You all are the best CloneClub, in my mind.

    PS. Marc, I plan to start a new series you podcast on, just so I may keep you in my ear. Thanks for the fun free shared experiences.

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