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The Mitigation of Competition

Double Take S4E09

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Welcome to the Orphan Black Double Take where I give you my first impressions right after seeing the episode titled “The Mitigation of Competition” for the first time. I’m creating these short posts to encourage listener feedback by asking questions about the episode.

Feedback deadline is Sunday morning at 9am Eastern Time.

This week’s questions are…

1) What is Rachel’s ultimate plan?

2) Who is the group that has Delphine?

3) Is Topside still part of the equation?

Send me your thought about these questions or any other part of this latest episode of Orphan Black.

I’d like to thank everyone who has subscribed to this podcast and encourage you to join the discussion by sending in your feedback by calling +1-805-910-7656 or by e-mailing me at

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  1. Hi Mark,

    This was another great episode. What a season so far! As good as, if not better than, season 1.

    Answers to your questions –

    Rachel’s ultimate plan:
    1 Reinstall Susan Duncan to titular head of Neolution with herself actually running the show.
    2 Get revenge on Sarah. If she took Evie Cho down for just an insult, what is she planning for Sarah after the pencil in the brain?
    3 Get a cure (although I don’t believe so much for Charlotte as for herself).

    Who has Delphine?
    It’s probably that group of survivalists, although that room looked a bit better furnished than their camp would appear to allow. They are either a weird sect of Neolution or they are Proletheans. I do have a long shot theory – the person that touched Delphine on the shoulder is Mrs S’s friend Benjamin. She has had Delphine stashed away all this time. She did pull this trick before with Kira.

    Topside relevance?
    They’re gone, assuming they’re still alive – MK’s organisational chart with all the crossed through their names implied that all except Ferdinand are dead. Even if they aren’t, they have shut project Leda down, I think we might find that next season’s big bad is going to be Rachel running Neolution.

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