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The Stigma of Progress

Double Take S4E03

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Welcome to the Orphan Black Double Take where I give you my first impressions right after seeing the episode titled “The Stigma of Progress” for the first time. I’m creating these short posts to encourage listener feedback by asking questions about the episode.

Feedback deadline is Sunday morning at 9am Eastern Time.

This week’s questions are…

1) What do you think Rachel’s eye can do?

2) Is Leslie, Felix’s sister really who she says she is?

3) Does Charlotte have the same thing Cosima has and, do you think Ira has the same issues as the other Castor clones?

Send me your thought about these questions or any other part of this latest episode of Orphan Black.

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  1. Hi Mark, Great Orphan Black episode. I had speculated Det. Duko had been killed by Beth and I was wrong. Now I am wondering if something happened to the Neolutionist Trina and her baby and that was where the blood came from on Beth. Felix is really treating Sarah mean and I do not like it. Even though Sarah takes Felix for granted she does not deserve the treatment he is giving her. In the second episode Sarah mentioned that they had asked Felix to join them in Iceland. I do not believe that Leslie is Felix’s sister. And I do not trust or like her. Loved the scene with Helena and Sarah talking on the telephone. They are my favorite clones and favorite relationship on OB. My favorite quote of the night was from Alison, “Cosima, there will be time to debate the do’s and don’ts of certain decisions later.” I think Charlotte’s issue is because she is a clone of a clone. Not that she is suffering from the same issue as Cosima. I would think Ira has the same issue as the other Castors. But he is in the Neolution camp so maybe not. The Neolutionist may have come up with a cure for him. I enjoy and look forward to your Podcast.

  2. ***Darnell, from New Jersey***

    Hi Mike,
    S4E03 Gave me a S.O.R moment (Sacrifice Of Realism) when two detectives came to the Hendrix’s home asking questions about a recent triple homicide. When Donnie sat down near them the smell of putrefaction and a host of volatile odors should have been on his clothes and skin. The seasoned officers and trained assassin Helena should have smelled the stinky cadaverine and putrefaction compounds following Donnie into the house like the dust cloud that follows pigpen on Charlie Browns “Peanuts”

    If this had happened we would have had another S.O.R moment – Helena disposing the officers bodies with Dr. Leeke in the Hendrix garage, making the funny scene very very dark.
    I thought the part with Helena answering questions correctly about Alison’s campaign, answers that Donnie most likely didn’t know, was good scene writing.

    We’ve come to learn that Helena doesn’t want her babies to grow up like her. She envies the life Alison and Donnie have.
    That being said, its not a giant leap of faith to think Helena could recall people and events in Alison’s life.
    This was the true nature of a pregnant woman wanting change in her life, not the scheming recall of a trained assassin.

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