Cascade Double Take – S2E10 – The Expanse Podcast

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Cascade Double Take – S2E10 The Expanse Podcast

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Welcome to The Expanse Podcast Double Take. This is where I give you my first impressions right after seeing the tenth episode of season 2 titled “Cascade”. I’m creating these short posts to encourage listener feedback by asking questions about the episode.

This week’s question are…

1) Will Avasarala eventually expose Errinwright?

2) Is someone deliberately killing Ganymede?

3) Will Bobbie believe Avasarala?

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  1. Sadavir Errinwright not likely be turned in. My limited imagination suggests the potential future opportunities for this character is restricted.
    I will assert that it makes more sense to have his former conspirators “tie up loose ends”
    The biggest consequence is how this affect the later events drawn from the book “Caliban’s War” where Errinwright had a connection.

    I don’t think anyone’s deliberately killing Ganymede. I believe it’s a simple case of ignorance and neglect. Not all the best scientists and administrators are still running the station. Some are dead others have sought refuge in the Belt. What remain may not be specialists or they may be busy and tired. Do you think there are any different consequences whether it’s deliberate or not?

    I know where the story needs to go so I will defer on responding to the trust between Bobbie and Avasarala. If you watch the previews that have already been released, you will get a clue about what happens within the Martian
    diplomatic envoy after she’s brought back in. This question is hard to answer without leaning on spoilers once you’ve read the outcomes in later books.

    For my comments on other occurrences in the episode, I’ll use a different message. I drafted it once already and probably need to send that before you read this part

  2. Was not looking forward to this episode. In part because I felt the character of Prax was betrayed. A crucial part of his story arc was altered or swapped with that of Basia. It changes what their personalities are in my mind but I’m much less invested in Prax’s character that I was in the books while I empathize more now with Basia.

    I did look forward to the encounter with Roma. Not only the pursuit of surveillance footage but particularly the assault by Amos which for me that sense of intrigue is a guilty fact

    I didn’t like how Bobbie got out of the Martian embassy but I liked how she explored the lives of the Earth population. Her getting through the window should’ve been enough to trigger immediate capture by security. It should not have been that easy even to open the window. The fall couldn’t have happened the way it did. Her quest to find the ocean shouldn’t have been as hard as they made it seem. Is Toronto so far from the ocean compared to New York and downtown Manhattan ISLAND? The experience for Bobbie after leaving the Martian embassy in the TV adaptation was far superior though to her experience with the coffee shop vendor in the books. It better demonstrates challenges associated with Martians acclimating to Earth. The scenes in the slums and markets would be evocative and powerfully shattered all the illusions she had brought about it from Mars. I wonder how the former aspiring physician Nico will reappear.

    Overall, my thoughts on the episode did not change much from my expectations but I expected the relationship between Avasarala and Bobbie to be better-defined at this point. I do look forward to the events that take place in the next two episodes.

  3. Want to add that Sadavir Errinwright’s confession was a huge shock to a book reader like me

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