Caliban’s War Double Take – S2E13 – The Expanse Podcast

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Caliban’s War Double Take – S2E13 The Expanse Podcast

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Welcome to The Expanse Podcast Double Take. This is where I give you my first impressions right after seeing the season 2 finale titled “Caliban’s War”. I’m creating these short posts to encourage listener feedback by asking questions about the episode.

This week’s question are…

1) How did season 2 compare to season 1?

2) What would you like to see in season 3?

3) Has watching both season 1 and 2 made you want to read or re-read the books?

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  1. Hey Mark! So I sent two 1.5 minute audiofeedback recordings until I realized I was speaking too softly in a room with a loud AC unit. So I was wondering if you did not feature them on your podcast? Instead I will write my feedback here.

    So overall I thought season two was much better than season one. However, this does not mean season one was bad. It was amazing in its own way.

    In season three I would love to see the second half of book two played out and maybe the beginnings of season 2. The show ended on Io with Mei locked in a sleeping unit, so I foresee some kind of rescue mission happening there.

    Finally some shout outs to the episode and show in general. First, I love how close to the books the show is sticking to while featuring story elements that were not in the books. It’s great the authors are working with the show runners. Because of this I know all of the plot changes in the show were done with the approval of the Expanse authors.

    I also loved the Adam Savage cameo in this final episode.

    Finally, I loved that final montage with Naomi speaking to Holden while we shifted from scene-to-scene on the Arborghast and the Guanshiyin. It was awesome seeing Bobbie kicking butt in her power armor and the Arborghast being taken apart. It was heartwarming to see Colonel Janus and Dr. Iturbi finally warming up to each other, but sad since there’s a good chance those two, along with the entire Arborghast crew, died shortly after their ship was taken apart over Venus. They’re final facial expressions of utter surprise and amazement were perfect.

    Anyway, that concludes my feedback. Thank you for this podcast. I hope to chime in on some of your other podcasts!


  2. Hi Mark
    I just wanted to say thank you to you and all your contributors. I suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome and although I know I am very smart (I have the qualifications to prove it) I sometimes miss out on the subtle aspects of the show. Listening to your Double Take and then your and others feedback, allows me to go back, rewatch the show and get more out of it than I did before. For example when the Donnager is breached and our heroes are surrounded by hard vacuum Naomi says ‘I never got to say goodbye’. Obviously talking about her son.
    Season Two.
    Much better than season one. Why? I didn’t discover your podcast until season two. See above. I have been rewatching season one with aid from your podcast,now that we have finished the current episodes. Roll on Season Three!
    Season three?
    The return of Anderson Dawes. He was such an integral part of the show and coming from Belfast Northern Ireland I can relate to his ‘community representative’ approach. It is what we did with our reluctant activists. The way he manipulates his OPA following for his own ends! And now that Fred Johnston has the Protomolecule will surely lead to interesting times for the OPA. That is unless the Mormons get hold of him!
    The books?
    Downloaded and being listened to.

    Again thank you so much and thank your contributors as well.

    Space Rats! Now started Killjoys. Loving it

  3. Love how true to the book the battle was for the hybrid aboard the Rocinante. They actually had me worried they weren’t going to give Prax his moment to shine. The addition of the scenes with him and Naomi outside the ship made it more amazing. The creature itself didn’t look like the slime and sludge-covered towering menace i’d visualized but it was intriguing to watch.

    Arboghast disassembly/disaggregation was good. From our perspective, it doesn’t matter but the Arboghast had no way to report what happened if they didn’t survive.

    They missed a real opportunity with the Guanshiyin. It should have been a larger ship. The decks didn’t seem at all grandiose. The fight scenes were really boring and bland and poorly choreographed. It didn’t convince me that Bobbie was a badass just more of a clown. Even the power armor is nothing near as impressive as the 400kg of the book. it barely looked different from the regular armor and not more bullet-proof

    It really should have been a two-hour episode if they wanted to put the Rocinante hybrid extermination in the same episode with the Guanshiyin/Bobbie showdown. Otherwise, they could put Guanshiyin at the beginning of season 3 or had it replace what they did for the weeping somnabulist/ melissa scenes of episode 2.12

    reading the books at the same time as the show gets confusing. I will probably read book 7 as soon as i can. I read the books all in a binge so I found it so frustrating when readers couldn’t remember so much of the books. LOL

    When they wrap up book 2, I’m curious what they’ll do this time around with the characters that were core to book 2 but not present in book 3. i really would like to see a plausible florence faivre (look-alike?) role show up early in the next season. I also want to see an early Michio Pa character appearance in connection with book 3 or novella vital abyss. Very curious to learn who will get that role. Alli Chung to continue as Sam Rosenberg?

    Very curious how well the Behemoth will turn out.

    the ring station set and battle needs to be amazing

    if people will help with updating the wikia, it would be great. Thanks. Could use good fan art

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