Mark Des Cotes, podcast host at Solo Talk Media

About Solo Talk Media

Hi, I’m Mark Des Cotes, Solo Talk Media is a pet project of mine. I first discovered podcasts in the fall of 2012 after updating the operating system on my iPhone. While fooling around with the new Podcast App I stumbled upon The Revolution Podcast by Golden Spiral Media. Having just watched the pilot episode of the NBC TV show Revolution I decided to give the podcast a listen to see what this whole fad was all about. I was intrigued by the passion of the two hosts as they discussed the characters, plot, and mystery of Revolution and gave their theories of what they thought following episodes might hold. They encouraged their listeners to send in our own feedback as well.

The following week I sent them an e-mail. I got so excited when they read my thoughts and predictions and discussed them on the air. I quickly became a regular contributor and soon graduated to sending audio recordings of my feedback and got to hear my voice each week for my 3 minutes of fame. Their podcast increased my enjoyment of the show Revolution and I started looking for podcasts to other shows I watched. It didn’t take long for the bug to bite me and for thoughts of “why don’t I do this?” to creep into my head. So after a lot of research and with the help and advice of the people at Golden Spiral Media, I decided to tackle my own by podcasting about the BBC America show Orphan Black and the CBS show Under The Dome. I’m not sure where this will take me but if anyone decides to listen and feels even a little bit entertained by what I have to say, then I guess I will have accomplished what I sought out to do. And if you feel inspired to send me tones of money I wont complain.

In case you’re interested, I’m a graphic designer who lives in Eastern Ontario, (that’s in Canada if you didn’t know) where I run my own design studio creating things for both print and web. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Kim for (hold on while I do the math) over 25 years. And we have two grown kids (one of each).