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The Expanse - Redoubt
Ceres Station from Redoubt

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Here is the full discussion episode about The Expanse season 6 episode 4 titled Redoubt.

Episode Recap

The episode opens on Laconia, as friends pay their respects to Cara’s family on the loss of her brother.  Admiral Duarte sits next to Cara and talks to her about grief, safety, and protection, and he discloses that he lost a place, the dream of Mars, which fell apart and made him sad, angry and frightened.  He talks of sacrifice and that if they can accomplish what they are trying to do there, it will be worth the things they lost along the way, but Cara doesn’t want to sacrifice her brother.  As Duarte talks about keeping everyone safe, Cortazar rushes in to find him.  Cortazar’s new coordination protocol returned a reply pattern and he thinks he can turn it on, as the strange machine with blue protomolecule lights circles Laconia.  Late at night Cara pushes the gurney, with her brother’s body on it, deep into the forest.  
Sanjrani delivers a fiery speech to her people on Ceres, telling them now is not the time for Belters to sell their future for the empty promise of safety, and not to take the Inners’ side.  The speech is watched by Avasarala, Admiral Kirino, and others on the Xenobia, and we learn that the explosives were Belter mining charges planted by Inaros, killing UN Marines, Martians, and Belters alike.  The MCRN wants to attack Medina and reassert control of the Ring, but Avasarala won’t commit resources to the plan.  When Kirino reports this, Fleet Command advises that Mars should be prepared to go it alone, exposing cracks in the Alliance.  
Avasarala then finds a battered and bloodied Monica Stuart in the ship’s makeshift morgue recording personal remembrances about the lost marines.  Later, Monica shows Avasarala the videos she made on Ceres, including one of the man she was speaking with when the explosions occurred.  As he helps the wounded, his voice is heard – he’s tired of the hate.  Avasarala protests that it shows Earthers looking weak, but Monica replies that everyone needs to be seen as human.  The way Belters see Earthers and how Earthers see Belters. 
On the Rocinante, the crew is repairing damage from their fight with the Pella.  Bobbie and Amos work while listening to Alex’s country music, then Clarissa calls Amos to the cargo bay.  She’s checked all the torpedos and the rest are okay, but she discovered that Holden deactivated the missile that hit the Pella.  Amos confronts Holden with this information as they work outside the Roci, and offers to lock him out of fire control.  He trusts Holden to do the right thing, but he doesn’t understand letting Marco go.  Holden tells Naomi about disarming the torpedo, and said he couldn’t be the person to kill Naomi’s son – he doesn’t have it in him.  Later in the galley, Holden listens to Bobbie who is still in disbelief about the torpedo malfunction.  She leaves and Clarissa tells Holden not to tell Bobbie about the missile.  During another heart to heart between them, Clarissa tells Holden that killing someone is a terrible thing that you can never take back; don’t ever feel bad about not killing someone.  
Marco Inaros and his crew are also assessing damage to their ships, but one is beyond repair and Marco angrily orders that the two senior most officers of the doomed craft be spaced.  Rosenfeld begins to protest and Marco quickly shuts her down.  She seeks out Filip, telling him he needs to apologize to his father, and give him support and counsel.  Instead, Filip begins his new job – a demotion – to repair technician.   Filip’s new boss, Tadeo, shows him what to do, then begins looking at his news feed. Filip makes a mistake which Tadeo fixes, but Filip blames Tadeo for distracting him.  Filip then learns that Tadeo hasn’t heard from his older brother on Ceres, and about Tadeo’s life.   Filip seems to enjoy the banter and appears to have empathy for his new co-worker.  As they continue their repairs, they discover the torpedo warhead and see it was disarmed.  Tadeo thinks it malfunctioned.  Back in Marco’s cabin, Rosenfeld reports that the two officers were spaced, but not a third one, and Marco accuses her of insubordination.  She stands up to him, tells him that someone has to speak to him this way and that he is Marco Inaros – these small defeats roll off him.  Marco asks her what she expects to get when they win, and Rosenfeld says she wants to be the governor of Medina – control of the crossroads of the empires. They toast.
Meanwhile, Drummer, Walker, Josep, and another crew member enter one of the stations containing Marco’s supply stash and are attacked by four guards hidden inside.  Another guard creates an explosion and a falling crate pins Josep’s arm.  Michio immediately goes to the supply depot.  With her medic focus and authority, she applies a tourniquet to Josep’s arm, tells him she loves him, and field amputates his arm, saving his life.  
Back on the Tynan, Drummer watches Michio care for Josep then opens a wideband channel.  Her message is for the traitor, the coward, Marco Inaros.  They’re still here – unbent, unbroken, unbowed.  
In the final scene, Pella crew members are in the galley and Filip sits with Tadeo, where he learns that the torpedo was disarmed moments before impact.  As he considers this, Drummer’s message plays on the screen.  Marco stole from his own.  He abandoned Ceres.  He left Belters to starve. She took back what he stole. Live shamed and die empty. And Filip, who only moments before had shown compassion in asking about Tadeo’s brother, suddenly explodes.  Drummer is their enemy.  This is war and it won’t be over until we are dead or victorious. There is no turning back now.  

Here’s the recap for the Season 6 Episode 4 Bonus Content, “Night Watch:”
Clarissa has the night watch on the Rocinante and there’s nothing to watch, so she goes through the maintenance checklist looking for things to keep her occupied.  She takes a meal break and there’s a news alert. Her father, Jules Pierre Mao has died in prison from an underlying medical condition.  Clarissa’s jaw tightens and we hear the click of her mod as she snaps her hand held device.   We next see the galley camera view, and Clarissa is lying on the floor, her biometrics are at risk levels, and the galley is in shambles.  As she slowly rouses, her biometrics return to normal and distraught, she wonders why she became so angry at the news of her father’s passing.   Thinking back to her therapy sessions while in prison, she realizes that all she wanted was her father’s love – and she understands the hurt she feels for loving him and not getting his love back in return.
And that was the episode. 

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