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Nemesis Games

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Episode Recap

Nemesis Games

The episode opens on the Rocinante. Monica isn’t buying the destruction of the Protomolecule along with the Zmeya. She wants to review the nav and combat logs. But it’s going to have to wait because the Roci’s treat responder picked up five Free Navy vessels heading their way.

Low on fuel and ammunition, Bull says their only option is to turn and get out of there as fast as possible. But Holden doesn’t want to run. He knows that the Roci has become a symbol for Marco, who won’t give up until they’re destroyed.

Jim reminds Bull that they’re looking for Naomi, but not to forget that Inaros murdered millions on Earth and attacked Tycho killing Fred. If Marco wanted a fight, they’d give him one by going directly at them. And hopefully, distracting them enough for Alex and Bobbie to rescue Naomi undetected.

Jim contacts Alex and tells him of his sacrificial plan. Unable to help his captain increases Alex’s determination to get to Naomi, and he pushes the Razorback even faster.

As the Rocinante prepares for battle, Holden admonishes Bull for calling Belters “Skinnies” he won’t have derogatory terms like that used on his ship.

Bull wants to do as much damage as possible to the Frigate, but Jim orders him to fly straight through the Free Navy formation. Their goal isn’t to win this fight. It’s to buy time for the Razorback.

As the Roci prepares for its suicide run against the Free Navy ships, something happens.

Onboard the Tynan, Drummer and her crew, who are part of the Free Navy armada, prepare to engage the Rocinante. As the two sides approach each other, Drummer snatches Karals gun and orders the woman to sit still as she reprograms and launches their missiles. One hits the Mowteng, taking out its drive. Before she can do anything else, Bertold tries to subdue Drummer. As the two are grappling, Karal retrieves her gun and is about to fire on Drummer when Michio hits her from behind, inadvertently killing the woman.

Drummer reports back to the Koto that they had a malfunction and Karal was injured. Buying time, she asks for immediate assistance. Then, she arms their remaining torpedos and fires on the Free Navy ships.

Seeing what is happening, Jim orders the Rocinante to come about to engage the heavy Frigate.

Onboard the disabled Mowteng, Josep does what they should have done before and follows Drummer’s lead. He fires their missiles as well.

The incoming torpedoes paired with the Rocinante’s attack is too much, and the heavy Frigate is destroyed. With both Martian ships gone, Drummer contacts Holden to say the fight is over.


On the Chetzemoka, Naomi is desperately trying to loosen a frozen valve before the Razorback gets too close. It takes several attempts with her having to replenish her suit’s limited oxygen before finally dislodging the valve, causing one of the ships maneuvering trusters to fire, putting it into a spin.

When they notice, Alex prepares to compensate for the now spinning ship. Bobbie points out how dangerous it is to attempt docking two spinning ships in a high-G turn. Especially since the Razorback is already damaged. She warns him of all the dangers of attempting this, but Alex ignores her. Naomi is on that ship, and they’re going to get her, and that’s that.

Low on oxygen and barely conscious, Naomi is distraught that her little trick didn’t dissuade Alex, and he’s still approaching the Chetzemoka. With no more tricks left to try, Naomi does the only thing she can think of. It’s a long shot, but it may be the only way to save her friends. She dons her vac suit with its minimal air, opens the airlock and leaps into space.

Onboard the Razorback, Bobbie notices something dislodge from the Chetzemoka. Upon closer inspection, they see that’s it’s Naomi. Alex recognizes the arm gestures she’s making as Belter emergency hand signals. “My radio is out.” “Low air.” “Ship.” “Explosion hazard. Do not approach.” But with the Chetzemoka circling Naomi, they cannot approach her.

After several tense moments floating in space, and her air completely depleted. Naomi is about to pass out when something collides with her. Bobbie, in her Martian Marine armour, grabs hold and administer her oxygen.

With Naomi now secured. Bobbie informs a relieved Alex that they’re safe and free of the Chetzemoka’s path. But when she questions if he’s told Holden yet, there’s no response. The high-G burns were too much for him, and he dies of a stroke.


Reunited on the Rocinante, Jim tells Naomi that Alex’s ex want’s to handle the funeral arrangements. Alex is going to receive full military honours.

Naomi blames herself. Alex died, saving her from her mistakes. But Jim reminds her that strokes are a risk they all take with every hard burn.

Dealing with their grief, Holden asks Bull to fire a missile at the Chetzemoka, destroying the ship for good. Before they alter their heading for Luna, he assures Naomi that she will be granted immunity and be a valuable asset with her knowledge of Marco.

Jim confesses that he never played the message she left for him. Doing so would be admitting she was gone. So she plays it for him. It’s a message of her love towards him as well as for Amos and Alex. And if she’s gone, she wants him to move on with his life. She’ll always be a part of it, but his future isn’t over.

While watching a broadcast from Luna where newly appointed Secretary-General Avasarala declares martial law on Earth and Luna and declares that they are not at war with the good and law-abiding people of the Belt, only with those who follow Marco Inaros. As Bobbie walks by, Monica asks for her opinion on the destruction of the Zmeya.


Onboard the Pela, Marco is angry because he doesn’t know what’s going on. The Rocinante is still alive, and he’s not getting any responses from the Free Navy ships.

Flip asks what happened, and Marco tells his son his plan failed. When the boy displays no reactions to the news, Marco questions his feelings and why he’s not upset. Filip says there’s no point. They tried to kill them, and they didn’t. It doesn’t alter Marco’s plan either way, and there’s still more work to do. For the first time, Marco shows a sense of pride in his son.

Feeling betrayed, Marco asks Serge to help him send a message to Drummer.

She later receives the message. It’s a video of Marco spacing Serge. Drummer confesses to Oksana and the others that she figured that would happen. But there was no other way. At least now, they can choose their own path.

Oksana tells her she’s leaving and taking the Mowteng. Bertold goes with her, but Josep and Michio decide to stay with Drummer. Drummer asks her to stay, but Oksana says they have nothing to stay together for and leaves.


On Luna, Erich plans on settling on one of the ring worlds. He figures it won’t be long before he’s running things. He offers Amos to join him, but the big man says he has his own thing and the two part ways.

Amos rejoins the Roci and is immediately embraced by Naomi in a big hug. When she starts saying how sorry she is that Alex is gone, he stops her. It’s not her fault. Making a choice to hold your ground to save her family. As far as last stands go, that’s the one he’d pick, just like Alex did.

Before settling in, Amos asks for a moment alone with Holden. Amos tells Holden he’s going to need a favour.

He questions whether or not Holden would have really killed him way back when the Martians were going to board the Rocinante, and Amos was preparing to fire on them. Holden says he would have. Accepting the answer, Amos says there are no hard feelings between them, Holden may have thought of killing him then, but now they have each other’s back. They’re family now.

Satisfied, Amos calls out, “We’re good!” and then turns to Holden, saying, she’s going to ride with us for a while and thank you for being cool about this, before walking into the ship.

Holden is stunned when he turns to see Clarissa Mao standing there. Before he can say anything, Amos pulls her into the ship.


Later at a special gathering. Avasarala introduces Bobbie as her new liaison. With everyone gathered, she asks everyone to take a good look around. This is what Marco Inaros hates, what he’s afraid of. Diverse people coming together and working for a common cause. Now, all they have to do is turn every Earther, Martian and Belter into this. It’s how they win.

As people are mingling, Monica informs Holden that one of the Zmeya’s missiles got away and could possibly be carrying the Protomolecule sample.

Avasarala interrupts the conversation asking James to go with her to the situation room without making a fuss. There’s been another attack at the Ring. A coordinated attack significantly damaged all three ships guarding the Ring. To make matters worse, another attack came from within the Ring, destroying one of the UNN ships.

Their spirits turn when a fleet of Mars ships appear on the sensors. However, they soon discover that the incoming ships were previously reported lost by the MCRN. They’re in league with Marco and quickly decide the battle. Then unexplainably, the MCRN ships transit the Sol Ring on route to who knows where. An entire Martian fleet has gone rogue.

Jim informs them that Inaros may have bought the Martian’s help with the Protomolecule sample. Even though it’s dangerous, it’s possible the Martians know something about the Protomolecule they don’t.


The scene shifts back to Marco. He’s telling Filip that this was only something to dream of when he was the boy’s age. Now, and for generations to come, it will be something that happened. He made it happen.

As the last of the ships guarding the Ring is destroyed, Marco’s crew starts chanting his name. Filip doesn’t look pleased.
Inside the Ring Zone, Admiral Sauveterre congratulates Inaros on his well-won victory.

In turn, Marco offers his gratitude for their help and assures them that the Laconia system is there’s and their heirs from this time forward.

Once disconnected, Admiral Sauveterre plays a message received from Dr. Cortazar. The Protomolecule sample arrived safely, and they’ve already seen beautiful results. By the time they arrive at Laconia, he expects to start phase 3 construction. The image in the video shifts to show an enormous alien-looking vessel orbiting above the planet.

As the Barkeith prepares to transit the Laconia Ring. Sauveterre takes pride in what they are doing. Laconia is going to be a military-run world. Strict with rules and protocols. Where the smallest infractions will be disciplined with death.
As the Barkeith transitions the gate, time slows, and what appears as alien-like spirits infiltrate the vessel. As the ship proceeds through, it vanishes.

And that was the episode, and the season.

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