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Episode Recap


The episode opens with Marco receiving an update on their war efforts detailing victories won and loss. Many Belters died in these conflicts but he says it was worth the price.

He becomes furious when he receives news from Karal about the Chetzemoka distress call changing. It can only mean Naomi is still alive.

He later confronts Filip. The two apologize for their previous actions. Filip for bringing Naomi there, and the death of Cyn. When Marco tells his son Naomi is alive, he can’t believe it. His mother didn’t walk into that airlock out of sadness, despair or remorse. She wasn’t trying to kill herself. She was trying to escape. To leave them, again. Filip lashes out in anger and unbelief, crying.

Both the Razorback and the Rocinante also pick up the altered distress call. The crews of both ships try to understand the meaning behind this strange new message. Confused, the two ships decide to increase speed towards the Chetzemoka with the Razorback in the lead.

On the Dewalt, Oksana and Karal talk privately about the Chetzemoka. Oksana doesn’t want to keep this news from Drummer but Karal tells her Marco will tell them what to do. And if she informs Drummer, whatever happens after will be her fault Oksana agrees to keep silent. 

Later, Drummer questions their new orders to rendezvous with other Free Navy ships and engage and destroy the Rocinante. Why pick a fight with a ship that is already heading to a trap with the Chetzemoka? When Karal questions her loyalty to Marco, Drummer says if it needs to be done, it will be done.

After this short standoff, Oksana asks Drummer to relinquish her gun. She’s worried Camina may start something. Drummer reluctantly hands it over.

Later, Drummer confronts Oksana about what’s going on. She knows her friend is keeping something from her. Marco killed Ashford and Naomi. Two people she loved. And now he wants them to murder Naomi’s friends? She’s gone along for the sake of her crew. But demands some respect.

Oksana question’s Drummer’s love for them. Does she love them as much as she loved Naomi? Drummer says yes. Oksana gives in and tells her about Naomi and why Marco is sending them against the Rocinante. She pleads with Drummer to think rationally. If she acts out it’s not just her Marco will have killed, but all of them.


On Earth, the Baltimore crew arrive at Lake Winnipesaukee and find an estate with an orbital shuttle still in the hanger. They enter the building only to find some of the house staff hiding there. They’ve been barely surviving since the rocks fell. They inform Amos and the rest that the shuttle has a reactor problem and hasn’t flown in over two years.

Amos, Clarissa and Erich get to work trying to figure out what the problem is. The ship’s batteries are charged and it’s full of fuel. But something is tripping every time they try to turn on the reactor.

With the temperature dropping and food supplies running low, Erich questions whether they should abandon their plan and take the helicopter and leave. But Amos isn’t ready to give up. If they put their heads together they should be able to figure out the problem.

When the winter staff from nearby estates arrive thinking they’re a relief team, Erich wants to send them away. But Clarissa steps in and offers them space on the shuttle if they want to go to Luna. Amos and Erich are not happy with this. It’s a small ship, and what if more people show up? But Clarissa stands her ground. If they want her help fixing the ship, they don’t leave anyone behind who wants to come. Erich is ready to leave her and the others behind, but Amos gives in and tells them they can come.

While working on the ship, Erich calls Amos to meet him outside. They have trouble. A group of island security officers want to move all their food and essential supplies to a central location for efficient distribution. Knowing the business, Erich says it’s the most pathetic shakedown he’s ever seen. 

When the security officer asks for their helicopter as well, tensions rise, guns are drawn. Once again, Clarissa steps in and asks everyone to put down their guns. Things are bad enough without everyone trying to kill each other. To Erich’s surprise, Amos gives the order to drop the guns and tells the security team to walk away. As they leave, Amos tells Clarissa they’ll be back in force. Their best plan is to get the ship running and be gone before they do.

Later, Amos and Hutch are taking a break outside. She asks about his decision to leave Earth. She’s afraid to leave everything behind and start all over again. But he assures her that nobody ever starts over, because nobody ever leaves everything behind. While talking, he has an epiphany about the ship. He knows what’s wrong. They test out his theory and it works.

As they start the pre-launch sequence, the island security team attack. A gunfight ensues. Several of Erich’s team are shot as they try to retreat to the hanger.

Inside, Clarissa gets the last of the house staff inside the ship when she hears the commotion of someone breaking in. As Erich and the team enter the hanger they find a weakened Clarissa amongst almost a dozen bloody and mangled corpses. They pick her up and retreat inside the ship.

Amos and Hutch bring up the rear as the pre-launch sequence finishes. Hutch is shot, and the big man picks her up and carries her inside. He shuts the airlock door and orders Clarissa to take off. Once in orbit, he takes care of Hutch’s wounds and then joins the others.


On Luna, Avasarala is shocked to find out Secretary-General David Paster ordered the attack on Pallas Station. She scolds Admiral Delgado for going behind her back. He says all he did was give his professional opinion when the Sec-Gen asked for it.

They arrive in the sit-room to a conversation on what their next target should be. The Secretary-General wants to expand the Pallas Initiative by attacking anything with a connection to Marco Inaros. Avasarala tries to defuse the situation saying they need to spin their story to make it clear that they are not at war with the Belt. But Delgado counters that they are.

Chrisjen is angry at the eye for an eye attitude they’re all taking. Marco should not be their role model. Just because he attacked civilians doesn’t mean they should as well. She tries to convince them that the Belt is not all one nation and that they can still ally with factions in their common cause.

Paster rebukes her saying it would take too much time. His job is to make their people safer and reduce the enemy’s ability to hurt them as quickly as possible. They need to take the fight to the people who hurt them.

Avasarala stands her ground. Saying she wants that too. Every night she dreams of torturing Marco Inaros because he murdered her husband. Arjun is dead and she would sacrifice everything to get him back. But right now, everyone who loved someone on Pallas Station is feeling the same way she does. And if they keep this up, every partisan they kill will create ten more who will stand against them.

The Secretary-General dismisses her comments as being emotional. And right not they can’t be emotional, they need to be rational and objective.

The conversation turns to attacking Ceres Station. Denying it to the Free Navy would force Inaros back to the outer planets spreading his forces thin. When her plea for the hundred of thousands of children on Ceres is ignored. She stands up and resigns her post. saying she will not be a part of this. As she walking out as if on cue, half of the council resign and walk out as well.

Later, General Tesfaye approaches Avasarala as she adds Arjun’s name to an Earth memorial. Three more cabinet ministers just resigned and a no-confidence vote is scheduled for tomorrow and Paster will lose, triggering a snap-election and the ministers want to know if she would step up and serve again.

Chrisjen approaches Delgado. Despite their differences, she would like him by her side. But he says he’s transferring to a strike group to go after Inaros. She tells him that will everything Marco has at his disposal, they may lose if they go toe-to-toe with him. But he won’t back down. He wants the chance to be the one to take out Inaros.

Conceding, she has a drink with him and asks him to finish the joke he never finished.

A Belter, a Martian, and an Earther go to a bar. The Belter says, “Give me a shot of your finest Martian Whiskey. Drinking like my enemy helps me think like my enemy.” The Martian says, “Give me a shot of your finest Earth Tequila. Drinking like my enemy helps me think like my enemy.” The Earther says, “Give me a shot of the finest Belter liquor you have. Best the Belt has to offer.” The bartender says “Because it helps you think like your enemy?” And the Earther says, “No, because I’m trying to drink less. The best the Belt has to offer is terrible.”

After reciting it, Delgado admits. That joke used to be funnier.


On board the Chetzemoka, Naomi is desperate and risks her life for a minuscule amount of water. In despair, she notices the casing on one of the bomb wires is cracked exposing the wires within. Connecting a wire from the bomb to the vac suit helmet activates the display. She sees the bomb’s proximity as well as detonation radius. She also sees the Screaming Firehawk, AKA the Razorback on an intercept trajectory.

The residue from the water she got earlier gives her an idea. Desperate, and in a last-ditch effort, she dons the vac suit and once again enters the space between the hulls. The episode ends with the sound of clanking on metal.

And that was the episode.

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