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This week we discuss the ninth episode of season 4 of The Expanse titled “Saeculum”.

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Episode Recap


The episode opens from Miller’s point of view. The Protomolecule’s Investigator and Miller’s true conscience are fighting each other for control.

Miller finally emerges victorious and explains to Holden how the Protomolecule created The Investigator in his image to get Holden to do its bidding.

But being inside Jim’s head, watching how he thinks, gave Miller what he needed to outsmart his jailer and take over. But he doesn’t know for how long.

During his battle, Miller discovered something important the Protomolecule didn’t want him to know about. A dead place on the planet the Protomolecule can’t go.

He leads Holden into a previously unknown passage to finally put an end to all of this.

He explains that there was a war on the planet between the beings that made the Protomoleucle and something even worse. And the dead spot he senses is something left behind from that war. Possibly a bomb that kills the Protomolecule on touch.

Unsure of what else it might do makes Holden hesitant. However, if it works, Miller can kill his jailers which will free the ships in orbit and Holden and everyone else can go free. The only other option is to watch everyone on the planet starve to death as the ships fall out of the sky.

They come to a hole in the ground and Miller wants Jim to jump in.

Elvi overhears Jim having a one-sided conversation with someone and follows him down the passage.

Miller vanishes as she reaches them. She offers to help but with her around, Jim can’t see Miller who he needs to guide him.

He takes a deep breath and jumps into the hole.

Holden falls for what seems like forever before gently landing on the bottom.

Miller and The Investigator continue to battle each other with Miller, for the time being,  coming out on top.

He leads Holden further and further through the ancient passages.

They reach a chamber that Miller cannot sense. At its center is a glowing void that Holden describes as the eye of an angry god.

Miller is running out of time. The Investigator is fighting hard to regain control.

His plan is to put himself into something physical and then turn on every machine on the planet. When he then walks into the void, everything Protomolecule should be destroyed.

Holden questions, if the void is what killed the Builders what happens to humanity who is now using their Ring Gates? Miller doesn’t have an answer.

Holden then realizes, that if this works. It will be the last time he sees Miller and says goodbye as Miller tries to enter a physical form.


In orbit above New Terra, the Rocci is experiencing more drag than expected while pulling the Barbapiccola. They need to do another burn to get the ship higher.

Alex mentions in passing that the Barb would be easier to pull if it wasn’t carrying its heavy cargo.

On the planet, Murtry is getting regular updates on the progress of the two ships. He orders the modified shuttle to intervene on the Roci and Barb’s progress.

Fayez on board the Edward Israel questions the launch of the shuttle. When he demands to know what’s going on, the head of security onboard threatens him if he doesn’t back down.

Frightened, and unsure of what’s going on, he investigates on his own and notices the shuttle is on a trajectory towards the Roci and Barbapiccola.

He secretly warns Alex who questions the Edward Israel about their shuttles approach. When he fails to get an answer he surmises they’re under attack and fires upon the shuttle destroying it.

The debris reins down on the Rocci dislodging Lucia spinning her off into space. A quick-thinking Naomi tethers herself and jumps after the Belter woman. After a tense few seconds, she reaches Lucia and manages to pull her back in.

The incident drained a lot of needed power from the Roci, which drastically impedes their effort to move the Barb.

With the situation bleak, Lucia decides the only remaining course of action is to rescue the Barb’s crew and cut the ship loose.

But then Alex remembers that the Roci’s newly installed railguns have their own batteries. Firing them will act like a big thruster propelling the Roci and the Barb. If it doesn’t work, they can always evacuate the Belter ship.

He fires the first shot and it works. The two ships move into a slightly higher orbit, but it will take more shots for them to make any real progress.


At the camp, Chandra Wei invites Amos to join their camp, now that the blindness and slugs are no longer an issue, the next problem will be food and things could get ugly as people start to starve.

Amos expresses concern over Murtry and tells her that no matter how well someone treats his people, it doesn’t mean you can trust them.

Wei says the reason Amos doesn’t like Murtry is that the two are exactly alike. But Amos disagrees. He says the difference is he would never lie to her. She walks away.

Later, at the RCE camp, Murtry advises Wei that it’s almost time for them to take action. He wants to know the whereabouts of Amos and Holden.

When Holden can’t be found, he pressures Dr. Okoye into revealing his location.

She informs Amos that Murtry and Wei went after Holden and she thinks he’s in trouble. She leads him to the passage as he calls Wei and tells her he’s coming after Murtry.

When Amos and Elvi arrive at the bottom of the hole, Wei is waiting for them. She begs Amos to join her. People like them kill for money but never get rich. This time they can.

He can’t believe she bought into Murtry’s story.

He reminds her that he will never lie to her. He’s going after Holden, even if it means going through her. When she says she can’t allow that, he shoots her.

Murtry, who had been listening nearby shoots and severely wounds Amos. Elvi wants to help the big man but he sends her after Holden.

She finds Jim and tells him about Murtry shooting Amos and how the RCE man wants him dead.

Jim goes to help his friend leaving Dr. Okoye in the void chamber.


On his way to Amos, Holden encounters Murtry. The two stand off. The RCE man blabbers on about civilization and everyone’s purpose, and how he’s so much better than everyone else.

The two draw their guns and fire. Holden receives a glancing blow but Murtry’s wounds are more serious.

Murtry taunts Jim to finish him, but Holden intends to bring him back to stand trial. With Murtry not going anywhere, Jim returns to the void chamber.


Alone in the void chamber, Dr. Okoye hears a voice, it’s Miller. With Holden gone, he asks her to help him reach the void.

Now in the form of a metallic multi appendage machine, she guides him to the void.

When he’s less than a meter away he flips the switches he’s been talking about. All over the planet, machines that have laid dormant for millennia start turning on and the entire planet starts to glow blue.

But before Miller can finally enter the void, the Protomolecule machines attacks and drags him away.

As Elvi watches, thousands of metallic insect-like creatures swarm into the room. She ducks for cover as they narrowly miss her and fly into the void.

A badly mangled Miller machine falls to the floor. Unable to move on his own, Dr. Okoye drags him to the eye in the center of the room.

As Holden enters the room, Elvi gives Miller one final push into the void.

That’s the episode.

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