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the one eyed man

The One Eyed Man

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This week we discuss the eighth episode of season 4 of The Expanse titled “The One Eyed Man”.

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Episode Recap

The One Eyed Man

The episode opens on Earth. A restless Avasarala prepares herself for a memorial service in honour of the marines killed during the boarding of the Pizzouza.

Video of the Pizzouza’s final moments is circulating on all the news feeds and causing an uproar in the Belt. Former UNN Officer turned OPA leader Fred Johnson condemns the UN for threatening the armistice and alliance around the Ring Gate.

Nancy Gao is calling for an investigation into the action and stresses that peace is essential for the colonization of the new worlds.

General McCourt, who’s marines were the ones killed tenders his resignation, stating that he cannot work for someone like Avasarala who only has her best interests in mind.

Later, at the memorial service, Avasarala halts mid-speech. She discards the prewritten speech and talks from her heart. She shares the story of her own son’s death and how it affected her as a mother.

She admits to her failure in keeping the people of earth safe and takes responsibility for the death of the marines. She tells them she’s truly sorry.

When later questioned about the memorial service, Nancy Gao praises Avasarala for accepting responsibility and showing she’s an honourable woman.

However, the day doesn’t end on a pleasant note. Classified footage showing the Protomolecule machines on New Terra was leaked to the media causing a new apprehension towards the Ring Gate and the worlds beyond. An investigation into the security breach is underway.

Arjun confronts Christjen about the report. She admits to leaking the footage in order to change the narrative. In her mind, this election should have always been about New Terra.

He’s upset that she’s placed her pride over what’s best for the people. She’s manipulating the system and she used their son’s death for political advantage. Upset, he walks out on her.


In Ring Space, Fred Johnson arrives at Medina Station. Drummer doesn’t give him the warm welcome he expected. She blames him for leaking Marco Inaros’ location to the innards which ended in the death of the Pizzouza’s crew. The results of which rallies the Belters’ against the innards and turns Marco into a hero.

He tells her it was the right move to make. Leaking the location appeased the Earthers and keeps the OPA’s hands clean when it comes to the other OPA factions who support Marco.

Fred turns the blame on Drummer for siding with Marco when she had the chance to kill him, but Ashford backs Drummer up saying it was the right move at the time.

But there’s a bigger issue at hand. In the aftermath of the Pizzouza tragedy, the Belters are losing their authority in Ring Space. Fred Johnson is there to negotiate a way for them to maintain control of the Ring Space and ensure the UNN removes their battleship. Medina Station is the backbone of the Belt’s economic future and they must do whatever they can to protect it.

Still upset over the circumstances, Drummer quits. Ashford talks to her. She’s uncertain about the Belt’s future and she’s afraid that Marco’s vision may be right. He assures her it’s not. Their future cannot be built on violence.

Ashford tells Drummer he turned down Fred’s offer to take her place as head of Medina. Instead, he plans on hunting down Marco himself and would like her to join his cause. She later meets him on his ship. Not to join him, but to wish him well. She’s done working for men with big dreams and wants to stay out of politics.


On Mars, Thomas splits out early on Bobbie after their night together. He as a job interview that might take him off-world.

Later Bobbie and her crew are briefed on their new contract. Bobbie questions the simplicity of the mission compared to the huge payout and wonders what package they are moving.

She later visits Esai at his home and is surprised that he has a wife and kids. She tells him there’s something about their new job that doesn’t feel right. Beltran, the active marine is the one who brought them the job and she doesn’t trust him.

But Esai is blinded by the payout. He sees this as his family’s ticket off of Mars. With thousands of newly inhabitable worlds to explore, there’s no reason to stay on the red planet. He tells Bobbie her debt to him is paid so if she wants out, it’s OK.

She later runs into her nephew David. The two have an awkward conversation. He tells her he’s been accepted into the terraforming project and thanks her for her help in getting him there. Bobbie’s joy for her nephew is weighed down by her recent conversation with Esai about Mars being a dead planet.

That night, Thomas tells her he got the job. He leaves for Europa next week and he wants her to come with him. He tells her he knows what she’s been up to. He’s not judging her, but he knows she’s better than that.

She tells him it’s become fruitless to work for the betterment of Mars, and they part on less than pleasant terms.


In orbit, the Roci and the Barbipicola complete the modifications to connect the two ships.

Tensioners on both ships will ensure the cable remains taught. They were only able to fabricate 800 meters of cable and should any slack develop between the two ships, it’s possible the cable snaps with catastrophic results.

When everything is ready, they position the two ships and connect the cable. Alex gives the Roci a bit of thrust and they start pulling the Barb to a higher orbit. It looks like their plan is working.


On Ilus, everyone has gone blind except for Holden. Without sight, the death slugs are taking their toll on the refugees. Bodies are stacking up and people are getting jumpy. Jim is concerned about Amos’ state of mind.

The lack of sight doesn’t prevent Dr, Okoye from continuing her research. It’s slow going, and she requires Holden to read all the results to her. But so far, there’s nothing to explain why Jim isn’t going blind.

Medication to help calm those who are panicking is depleted. Murtry reminds Holden that should the situation get worse, the Belters will remember that it’s because of Jim that they are all down there which will not turn out well for him.

Jim gets called over to the Belter camp. Amos wandered away. When Jim finds him, Amos panics and tries to attack him. Jim tells the big man that he can’t lose him. He calms Amos down and returns him to the camp.

Wei later visits the big man. She tells him it’s ok to be scared but he says he’s not sure what he is. He recounts a story from his youth when he felt helpless. That’s how he feels now.

Holden is frustrated with their situation and why he’s the only one who can still see. He’s feeling the pressure of everyone’s fate on his shoulders.

Then Elvi has a thought. What if the reason Jim can still see is not his blood, but his eye fluid.

After extracting a sample, they discover that Holden’s cancer treatments from his exposure on Eros are what makes him different.

With this new information, Dr. Okoye is able to produce a treatment for their blindness.

While everyone’s eyesight is being treated, Jim climbs to the surface and informs Naomi of the good news.

While below, Murtry confirms the readiness of the light shuttle with the proximity detonator.

Returning below, Holden encounters Miller again. Or at least a glitching, screaming version of the detective. Something is obviously wrong.

That’s the episode.

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