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Displacement - The Expanse


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This week we discuss the sixth episode of season 4 of The Expanse titled “Displacement”.

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Episode Recap


The episode opens with tensions rising, the Belters and RCE are yelling at each other when Holden receives a call from Naomi informing him of an island exploding like a nuclear bomb.

As if matters were not bad enough, the explosion is causing a ripple effect and the camp will soon feel the explosion in the form of an earthquake, followed a few hours later by the shockwave and then a tsunami resulting in the destruction of the settlement.

Jim devises a plan to use the Roci and all available shuttles to evacuate everyone off the planet. Carol Chiwewe agrees to leave only if Holden publicly supports their claim to the planet. He can’t speak for anyone else but he gives his word to do whatever he can.

While preparing for the evacuation, Felcia is discovered on the Barbapicola. She’s planning on leaving with the ship when it goes back to the Sol system to attend university.

Jakob, tells his daughter the unsettling news of what her mother has done.

Felcia then talks to her mother on board the Rocinante. She expresses how ashamed she is of her and then abruptly ends the call.

In orbit something is wrong with the ships, none of their fusion reactors are working. It’s as if the physics of fusion has been re-written by the Protomolecule.

And without their reactors and the ability to speed up, the ships declining orbits means they will eventually be pulled down towards the planet and burn up. The Barbipicola, in its low orbit, being the first one.

Alex informs Jim of the situation, putting a wrench in their evacuation plan. Fortunately, light shuttles use chemical rockets and still function. They’ll have to make more trips, carrying smaller groups but it can be done.

However, Murtry objects to Holden backing the Belter’s claim and refuses to help them evacuate unless they agree to dump all the lithium they’ve mined.

When the Edward Isreal sends down their shuttle it mysteriously disintegrates upon entry along with an unexplained phenomenon causing one of the planet’s moons to start melting.

With no other options, they decide to use the old ruins as shelter, blasting their way in.

Murtry pulls Wei aside and tells her that depending on the length of their stay, there may not be enough supplies for everyone. If it comes down to it, they may have to eliminate the Belters for the RCE members to survive.

While packing her things, Dr. Elvi experiences vision problems. She runs a test and discovers microscopic organisms attached to her retina.


On earth, Avasarala reviews the last broadcast message from New Terra. Since Carol Chiwewe’s message, nothing has been heard from the planet. Speculations arise as to what could be going on.


On Mars, Bobbie takes on the role of muscle for her new crew.

When she discovers her old dockyard foreman has been arrested for murder in connection to a black market ring, she suspects her new crew’s involvement.

After hooking up with Thomas, Bobbie joins her new crew where she receives payment for their last job.

She questions Leelee about the dead customs agent but doesn’t get a satisfactory answer.

A new member joins their crew. They plan on taking advantage of a decommissioned terraformer tower by stealing valuable components from it and selling them to Belters.

They arrive at the decommissioned tower only to find a new security protocol in place denying them access. Bobbie suggests an alternative plan. She dons an environmental suite and climbs the outside of the tower to an access hatch. With very little breathable air left, she climbs in and releases the hydraulics for the door.

Bobbie’s actions are noticed by a guard who locks her out of the airlock as her oxygen runs out.

She comes to, surrounded by her crew. The guard who spotted her knocked out and bound. They proceed with their plan to salvage what they can from the tower.


On Medina Station, The captain of the UNN Tripoli voices Earth’s displeasure in how the Marco Inarus situation was handled.

Before the Sojourner was destroyed, a tight beam comm laser was sent to an unknown location in the Belt.

The captain then announces that the Tripoli will remain in the Ring Space to “help” with any other issues the Belters cannot handle.

Ashford and Drummer take this news to mean the UN is planning on taking over Medina Station and ousting the Belters.

They know they don’t have the power to force the UN out, so their best option is to find out where the tight beam comm laser was sent.

Drummer discovers that the message was sent to an unregistered OPA router that redirected the message. However, the message was encrypted with MCRN codes. They can’t figure out why a Martian would help a Belter.

They do know the final destination of the message was a Belter ship, and they know that Marco is on it. They need to board the ship now and recapture Marco before he can slip away.


Back on Ilus, using explosives provided by the Belters they blast and opening into the ruins and start the slow process of lowering people inside.

Back at the camp, Holden prepares those remaining for the oncoming shockwave which hits with ferocity, levelling part of the settlement and killing several people in the process.

The survivors make their way to the ruins.

As the tsunami approaches, wiping out the settlement, the makeshift door they fabricated to seal the ruins won’t close. Holden risks himself to close the hatch making it back in with seconds to spare.

That’s the episode.

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