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Oppressor - The Expanse


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This week we discuss the fifth episode of season 4 of The Expanse titled “Oppressor”.

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Episode Recap


The episode opens with a flashback from Ilus. Dr. Lucia, Coop and their gang are installing detonation charges to blow up the landing platform. When the RCE shuttle appears in the sky, 10 hours ahead of schedule, Lucia panics knowing the shuttle’s drive will set off the charges killing everyone on board. She doesn’t want to be responsible for the death of the shuttle passengers so she tries to remove the charges but Coop shoves her away knocking her out in the process.

She regains consciousness just in time to remotely set off the charges, minimizing the shuttle’s casualties.

Dr. Lucia wakes up from the nightmare in the present time onboard the Rocinante. She’s in the medical bay recovering from the gunshot wound she received.

Her first thoughts are about the safety of her family. Alex and Naomi assure her that Holden will take care of them.


On the planet. Holden arrives back at the camp only to find it in lockdown. In the process of getting Amos released, he confronts Murtry about what’s happening on the planet. When Jim mentions evacuating everyone from the planet, Murtry likes the idea, his job is to get the Belters off the planet and evacuating them is a lot easier than shooting them.

But Jim makes sure the RCE Man knows that once their back home, Murtry will be charged with murder.

Once alone, Murtry calls the Edward Israel and orders one of their shuttles to be rigged for remote operations and to have all it’s safety mechanisms disabled, turning it into a proximity bomb.

On his way to talk with the Belter leader, Jakob, Lucia’s husband asks Holden and Amos if they’ve seen his daughter Felcia, but they can’t help.

Much to Holden’s frustration, Carol Chiwewe informs Jim that, regardless of the dangers the protomolecule machines pose, the Belters will not evacuate. They know that if they leave, they will never be allowed to return.

Elsewhere, Elvi and Fayez are discussing the islands that are giving off hear. Neither has an explanation but plan on keeping tabs on them.

When an RCE guard comes looking for Elvi, the doctor comments on the unsightly green blemish on her eye, but the guard dismisses the comment.

Murtry arrives and questions Elvi about the alien technology she, Alex and Holden were investigating.

Later, Elvi confronts Holden and insists he tells her how he’s connected to what’s been going on with the planet.

Their conversation is interrupted by gunfire as two RCE guards on patrol attacked and taken prisoner. Resulting in a tense standoff between the Belters and the RCE.

Carol Chiwewe broadcasts a message saying the RCE has attacked their people and all they want is to be left alone.

This only makes Murtry more determined to round up the Belters and get them off the planet by force. And due to the recent circumstances, Holden isn’t sure if he can blame the man.

Jim shares his feelings with Naomi who reminds him that nobody is responsible for anybody else’s actions but their own. The best he can do is give them the facts and let them decide for themselves.

An unarmed Holden approaches the Belter side of the standoff. He brings the two sides together and comes clean about Miller, the Protomolecule and why he was sent to Ilus.

He explains that the Protomolecule was created to build the ring gates and then report back to its creators, but they’re gone.

Whatever Holden is in contact with is turning on all the old technology and won’t stop until it gets answers.

But, regardless of what’s going on, the Belter’s still refuse to leave. They’ll never find another planet so rich in lithium. They aren’t giving up.

Tensions on both sides continue to rise as everyone starts yelling at each other.


In orbit, Naomi receives a call from Dr. Fayez on board the Edward Israel. He’s wondering if the Roci has any surface readings they may help with his investigations of the planet’s surface.

Jakob calls to ask his wife if she knows where Felcia is. Lucia fears that Murtry may be involved in her disappearance.

Jakob lets his wife know how ashamed he is about her involvement with Coop and the other OPA Belters in the destruction of the landing pad.

Lucia notices her wound is bleeding again, but in her grief over what she’s done and the words of her husband, instead of seeking medical attention decides to let nature take its course.

When Alex stops by her quarters with a meal, he finds her near death. The wound is too much for Alex’s limited medical knowledge. She just wants to die, but he uses her daughter against her and forces the Lucia to tell him how to save her.

Later, Naomi confronts the remorseful doctor. She tells Lucia about her time with Marco Inaros. Their plan was in insert a secret code into ships that would allow them to remotely turn off the ship’s drive, and then they would come to their rescue and collect the reward from the grateful crew.

But Marco used Naomi’s code to instead overload a ship’s reactor resulting in the death of 516 people.

When she told Marco that she wouldn’t help him again, he left with their son, and Naomi hasn’t seen her little boy since.

After that, being dead seemed better than living with herself and she almost walked out an airlock.

But she now has a life she likes living and a family who loves her. And Lucia can have the same if she chooses the right path for her life. But only she can decide to follow it.


Back on Earth, Avasarala is frustrated with the lack of knowledge from Ilus while she’s preparing for her upcoming political debate.

Later, as Avasarala and Nancy Gao are facing off against each other, Nancy seems to be winning the crowd when a security alert forces Avasarala to leave before she can rebut her opponent’s words.

Once safely in orbit, she’s informed that a runaway ship is on a collision course with an Earth asteroid detection satellite.

The ship is broadcasting saying they have families on board and are trying to fix their navigation problem.

When intelligence identifies the ship as the pirated Sojourner, Chrisjen orders it destroyed.

Later, Nancy Gao, who was the clear winner of the debate, uses the incident as a political means to further attack Avasarala, saying that if the blockade wasn’t in place this wouldn’t have happened.


In orbit above Ilus, Alex is alerted to seismic activity on the planet, One of the islands that have been heating up, exploded in what looks like a massive nuclear blast.

That’s the episode.

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