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This week we discuss the third episode of season 4 of The Expanse titled “Subduction”.

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Episode Recap


The episode opens immediately after Murtry’s shooting from the previous episode. Tensions are high as the RCE and Belters standoff against each other. A dire outcome is averted when lightning strikes the village knocking out the Belter’s power.


Back on Earth, Nancy Gao announces her run against Avasarala for UN Secretary-General. Christjen looks forward to the challenge.

The pre-election approval ratings remain in Avasarala’s favour, but she’s still worried about Gao’s chances.

Christjen’s aid uncovers that Nancy Gao cheated the system to get off basic and they decide to leak the information.


As the settlers, joined by Amos and a still weak Naomi see to repairing the damage, the RCE security force holds their ground refusing to offer aid.

Dr. Lucia is treating a young child’s eye injury when she notices her daughter is no longer there. She finds her hanging out with Naomi. Felcia wants to go to university and study engineering but her mother won’t hear of it. They came to Ilus as a family and they’re going to remain there as a family.

Scotty approaches Lucia asking if she’s in. He’s gathering a bunch of people to stand up to the RCE but she wants no part of it. Little did they know that Murtry was listening in on their conversation.

When Amos needs a part, he takes it by force from the RCE encampment. Chandra Wei prevents further bloodshed by ordering the guards to stand down.

Once power is back on, Amos and Murtry have a conversation. Amos claims to know what Murtry is, a killer who can’t wait to kill again. The two seem to be on a path to confrontation.


Holden is upset with Miller and himself for inadvertently starting the machine.

With the help of Fayez on board the Edward Israel, Elvi learns that the lightning strikes are not a natural phenomenon. She’s scared in the aftermath of Murtry killing a Belter but is determined to remain on the planet and figure out what the lightning means.

After several hours the lightning mysteriously stops and they experience an earthquake. They set up seismometers and determine the source of the quake.

They discover a giant spike that is tearing up the ground leaving a path 3km wide. If they don’t stop it will destroy the settlement.

To Elvi’s strong opposition, Holden decides to fire one of the Roci’s missiles at the spike destroying it.


On Mars, Bobbie is worried about David when he calls saying he’s in trouble. She goes to meet him but instead is met by his abductor. The man is upset about the loss Bobbie caused him and intends for David to work off the debt. Bobbie can help free the boy if she agrees to “accidentally” leave a security door unlocked at the end of her shift.

Bobbie decides to go to the police only to find out that the man who has her nephew is decorated detective Esai on the force.

Angry, but backed into a corner, she agrees to do what he asked. Leave the door to a security locker open.

She keeps an eye on who goes in and out and spots a couple of disguised OPA Belters stealing a crate of tightbeam encryption modules.

Detective Esai releases David as promised and offers Bobbie a job working for him. She turns him down but he thinks she’ll come to her senses for the good of Mars.


Back at the settlement, Murtry asks Lucia to adjust his leg brace and questions her relationship to Scotty. He tells her he wants a peaceful resolution to the recent violence.

Naomi angrily confronts him about his actions when she collapses from the stress of being on the planet.

Dr. Lucia tends to her and tells her she has to go back up the well soon or she will die.

Scotty and his crew are secretly planning their attack on the RCE force when Murtry and his squad open fire on them, killing the lot.

That’s the episode.

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