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The Expanse - New Terra

New Terra

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This week we discuss the first episode of season 4 of The Expanse titled “New Terra”.

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Episode Recap

New Terra

The episode opens outside the Sol Ring; several belter ships are making a run for the ring trying to avoid the blockade. UNN ships open fire, destroying some of the ships, but a few make it through and traverse the Ring Space disappearing through some of the 1,300 gates to other worlds.


8 Months later, on his family farm in Montana, Holden’s mother gives him a copy of Don Quixote. She says it was nice meeting Naomi with the rest of the family, even if just through a screen.

When left alone, Holden experiences a vision of the ring gates and the worlds beyond, when he snaps to, Miller is with him. The detective wants a ride through the ring, saying It’s the next clue to the case. Holden says he’ll ask again when he visits New York the next day.


In New York, Secretary-General Avasarala is not happy with her board of governors. She wants the ring blockade strengthened but is facing resistance. There are arguments for opening the blockade and allowing ships through to explore the other worlds they now have access to. But Christjen is adamant until they know what’s on the other side of those rings and are sure there are no threats to the Sol system, nobody is going through.

When Holden arrives, Avasarala assigns him a new mission. The crew of the Barbapiccola that ran the ring gate, have settled on a planet designated as New Terra, although they’re calling it Ilus. Images sent back reveal structures that look eerily like the work of the Protomolecule.

She wants the Rocinante to investigate. If the Protomolecule is active, he’s to try and destroy it and evacuate the Belters.


In Earth orbit on the Rocinante, Amos receives a call from Clarissa, who is now serving a life sentence in a penitentiary on Earth. She wants to thank him for his kindness towards her on their trip back. And also ask about an incident where she could have killed herself. She’s wondering if the option was left open on purpose. Amos, nonchalantly replies that if he was facing a life sentence, he would want his options to be open.

Holden arrives to explain their mission. The R.E.C. Edward Israel, a science ship, will be there to assist them in their investigation. Naomi surprises them all by saying she wants to go down to the planet when they arrive.


On Mars, Bobbie arrives home after a long day’s work. She’s crashing with her brother and his family while she’s looking for a place of her own. Her nephew David is a bit embarrassed when his “study date” LeeLee shows up early.

Alex calls Bobbie as the Rocinante passes by Mars, and he confides in her that he’s scared of what they may find on Ilus.

Later at a bar, Thomas, a fellow ex-Marine, asks her about her choices. The MCRN wanted Bobbie to lie during her trial, but she refused. She was discharged without any pension.


Out in the Belt, Ashford hunts down pirates attacking supply ships. He captures one of the pirates who berates Ashford for turning on his own people and working for the innards.

When he arrives at Medina station, Drummer scolds him for aggravating the innards. He’s still bitter about how the battle for the rings turned out with him on the losing side.


Onboard the Roci, Naomi is undergoing bone and muscle intensity treatment as they pass into the Ring Space.

After her treatment, she calls Drummer at Medina Station. The OPA woman is still recuperating from her broken back. Drummer voices her disdain for the Belters trying to make a living on the surface of Ilus. She sais in two-generation they won’t be Belters anymore.


Once the Rocinante passes the ring gate into Ilus space, Miller briefly appears to Holden thanking him for the ride. James starts to question him, but it appears like Miller vanishes and travels to the planet.


Orbiting New Terra, the R.C.E. Edward Israel launches a landing shuttle. Those on board are expecting trouble from the squatting Belters, even though the UN and Mars have a charter for the planet.

As it descends, the shuttle is struck and crash lands. Only a few on board survive many of them with injuries. Luckily, the Belters come to their aid. Security Chief Murtry, the highest-ranking survivor takes command of the expedition.


Holden receives a message from Avasarala telling him to get to the planet, do his job, let the RCE do theirs, and don’t get involved with things that don’t involve him.

The Rocinante arrives and lands on the planet. Naomi, the first to debark and not accustomed to being on a planet, is momentarily stricken by the vastness of her surroundings.

They are greeted at the Belter settlement by both the new inhabitants and the survivors of the RCE Shuttle. Tension builds as both sides are vying for control, guns are drawn, and the situation looks dire when a new threat emerges.

A swarm approaches the colony and seems to attach them. It passes in a matter of seconds leaving everyone cut and confused

That’s the episode.

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