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This week we discuss season 3 of The Expanse with the sixth episode titled “Immolation”.

In this week’s podcast after sharing some news from The Expanse, I talk about the most recent episode. I end the podcast with some great listener feedback.


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Episode Recap


The episode opens with confusion in the U.N. Command centre. The Secretary-General is demanding to know why U.N.N. ships around IO are firing upon each other.

Errinwright looks concerned when they are told that scanners detected a massive launch of stealth ships from IO but they’ve lost track of them.

In his office, Anna confronts the Secretary-General. She’s lost all respect for her old friend wants to show him the proof of Errinwrights role in the war.

When confronted with his treachery Errinwright doesn’t deny it. In fact, he admits he had to do it in order to make up for the ineptitude of the Secretary-General. He fought to save Earth while Gillis fought to save himself.

As Errinwright is taken away in handcuffs Anna is happy that her old friend has come around seen the errors of his way, until that is he thanks her for giving him a scapegoat to pass all the blame from his administration onto.


Inside the IO bunker, Jules-Pierre Mao is ready to surrender but Strickland convinces him to use the children as shields as they escape on their own ships.

To buy them more time, the doctor releases Katoa, the Protomolecule Hybrid to slow Holden and his team down.


The Roci team makes their way through the bunker encountering minor resistance until Bobbie spots the Hybrid and charges it. If she can keep it distracted, the rest of the team can complete their mission.

She runs, ensuring the creature follows her to the moon’s surface. The two tangle and fight before Bobbie’s suit runs out of power.

She’s helpless as the creature straddles her but through sheer willpower and her immense strengths she’s able to combat the dead servo motors in her suit, raise her arm and empty her gun into the creatures head, killing it.

Holden, Amos and Prax discover where the children are and the engineer and botanist take off after them. While Holden takes off after Mao. He tracks the man down and takes him into custody.

Doctor Strickland, his assistant and the kids are cornered at a blocked airlock. To save himself the Doctor kills his assistant and then feigns relief when Prax and Amos show up claiming to have been coerced. He only had the best interest of the children in mind.

Finally reunited with his daughter, Prax introduces her to his best friend Amos and asks her to go with the big man for just a few minutes while he talks to Doctor Strickland.

Alone, Prax draws his gun and points it at the pleading man. But Amos stops him, telling Prax he’s not the kind of man that can take a life like that.

As Prax returns to Mai, Amos turns to Strickland and kills the man.


On the Rocinante docked on IO, Alex uses the Roci’s point defence cannons to try and shoot down the hybrid pods but there are too many and he quickly runs out of ammunition. The U.N.N. and MCRN ships destroyed some as well but the pods’ transponders are off and they are using stealth technology so once they leave the atmosphere there is no way of tracking where they are going.

Avasarala concludes that the pods are heading to Mars. If they reach the red planet it will turn into another Eros.

As the rest of the crew in the bunker, Chrisjen distracts herself by looking at what’s going on in orbit.

She, Naomi and Alex are shocked to see that the Agatha King was hit by a Hybrid pod and is infected by the Protomolecule.

After discovering the launch codes for the pods are on board the Agatha King, Alex and Naomi risk taking the Razorback to the Flagship to stop the Hybrids before they reach Mars.

They make their way to ICI. There’s no way for them to call back the pods but Naomi believes she can alter their courses but it will take a long time to do it to all of them.

Elsewhere aboard the U.N.N. Flagship, Ensign Larson frees Cotyar from his restraints. Infected by the Protomolecule and knowing what has befallen the ship Cotyar decides to scuttle it. He overloads the engine core that will cause a meltdown ending in a nuclear explosion.

Out of time, Naomi and Alex rush to get off the ship. As a last-ditch effort, Naomi manages to turn all the pods’ transponders back on before leaving. They make it off just in time before the Agatha King detonates.

There’s no way for them to change the trajectory of all the pods but Naomi has another idea. If they give the transponder codes to Fred Johnson he has a chance to destroy them all with the nuclear missiles he stole from Earth. They put it to a vote and Alex, Jim and Amos all agree to her plan.


Onboard Tycho station, Fred Johnson receives Naomi’s plan. One that would not only save Mars but would strengthen the Belt’s position as an equal player.

Fred agrees and destroys the pods with his missiles.


As everyone settles back in on the Rocinante, Prax tucking in Mai, Alex tending to Bobbie, Amos watching the other children and Jim and Naomi embraced in each other’s arms, Naomi tells Holden that it’s time for her to leave the Rocinante.

The episode ends with whatever structure the Protomolecule was building emerging from Venus’ atmosphere.

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