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Triple point

Triple Point

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[11:32] Episode Recap
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This week we discuss season 3 of The Expanse with the third episode titled “Triple Point”.

In this week’s podcast after sharing some news from The Expanse, I talk about the most recent episode. I end the podcast with some great listener feedback.


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Episode Recap

Triple Point


The episode opens with the crew of the Rocinante discussing their approach strategy for IO.

Chrisjen comes clean to Holden, telling him he can’t nuke IO because she does indeed need the Protomolecule. Mars has it, The Belt has it and she wants it for Earth. Not as a weapon, but as a means to save the entire human species.

He tells her that he’s already tried to save the world but all he did was make it worse. She tells that at least he tried and he can’t stop trying now. He’s not a child so he should stop acting like one.

While checking the coms, Alex receives a message from his son Melas. The boy tells him that he’s proud to be Alex’s son and that one day he wants to fight for Mars, like his dad.

In the cargo hold, at Prax’s request, Amos teaches him how to use a firearm. The tough man isn’t sure how to interpret this new side of the normally peaceful botanist. When Amos later tells him he has his back no matter what they find on IO, Prax tells him he’s fully prepared whether they find his daughter or not.

Bobby is prepping her armour for the mission. She asks Alex to explain to her how they killed the Protomolecule Hybrid they faced. The plan is to run if they see one but she’s preparing to face it should it happen.

When Naomi and Jim have a moment together, she tells him the true reason why she gave their Protomolecule sample to Fred Johnson.

She used to run with the OPA, she had a child with one of the high ranking members and he took her son away when she refused to do what he wanted her to do.

She signed up on the Canterbury to forget her past. But after Eros and Ganymede and all the Belters who suffered there, she wanted to do what she could to help the Belt.

She’s sorry she lied, but she’s not sorry for what she did.

Holden tells her that he will never like what she did, but he can’t hate her for doing what she thought was right.

The Rocinante finally lands on IO and they prepare to breach the compound.


On route to the Jupiter A.O. Ensign Sinopoli shows the video Avasarala gave him to captain Carino of the MCRN Hammurabi. They find his story hard to believe but decide to take action when they discover the U.N.N. Agatha King has diverted to IO.


On board the U.N.N. Agatha King, questions are raised as to why they are going to IO when the war is taking place at Calisto but Admiral Nguyen doesn’t offer an explanation.

Lt. Shaffer and Manusco, both loyal to Admiral Souther report to him that Nguyen has been communicating with IO off the record. They’re suspicious of the Fleet Admiral’s actions and suggest that should Souther want to take back his ship there are many on board who would back him.

When Lt. Manusco intercepts a communication from the MCRN Hammurabi addressed to Admiral Souther he and Lt. Shaffer secretly show it to him.

The Admiral verifies the message with Cotyar before deciding on his course of action.

Back on the control deck the Agatha King prepares for engagement with the Hammurabi but is confused when the Martians don’t fire upon them.

The captain of the MCRN ship doesn’t use her advantage and instead orders her ship to slow down its approach. She’s hoping to avoid thousands of lives lost on both sides if it can be avoided.

When Admiral Nguyen orders his ship to fire upon the Hammurabi Admiral Souther and those loyal to him try to retake their ship.

Souther broadcasts to all ships in the area to stand down, that they are fighting an illegal war and he has proof.

Before he can complete his message, Nguyen’s men retake the room and the Fleet Admiral kills Souther and arrests those loyal to Souther.

When Nguyen addresses the fleet and orders them to engage the Martians some of them refuse. He destroys one of the retreating U.N.N. ships, igniting a shooting battle amongst the U.N.N. Fleet.

The captain Carino of the Hammurabi orders all MCRN ships to stand down and let the U.N.N. Fleet destroy themselves.

She then contacts the U.N.N. Fleet informing them that any of their ships that declares their peaceful intentions will not be fired upon by Mars and even offers assistance should they need help.

When Shaffer and Manusco try to retake the control centre a firefight breaks out and both are killed and Nguyen injured.

In a desperate move, the Fleet Admiral uses his newly acquired launch codes to launch the Hybrid pods from IO.


On IO, Katoa is close to being fully transformed. Jules-Pierre Mao is trying to get information from him as to what the Protomolecule is up to, but communication is difficult. Strickland tries to slow down the transformation process but it doesn’t work as intended. Before the boy is too far gone they do manage to discover that the Protomolecule has an objective and whatever work it’s doing is almost complete.

Mao is determined to learn more and orders, Strickland, to attempt the same process on Mae.

Jules-Pierre receives a message from Admiral Nguyen telling him his family assets have been unfrozen and demanding the launch codes for the Hybrid pods. Mao complies.

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