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This week we discuss season 3 of The Expanse with the third episode titled “Assured Destruction”.

In this week’s podcast after sharing some news from The Expanse, I talk about the most recent episode. I end the podcast with some great listener feedback.


Cas Anvar Joins Diane Kruger in Spy Thriller ‘The Operative’ 

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Episode Recap


The episode opens in the depths of space. Drummer and her armada of Belter’s salvage ships catch up with the unmanned L.D.S.S. Nauvoo.

After launching a fleet of drones and subsequently boarding the behemoth, they manage to secure the ship and begin their retrofit.


En route to IO, the Rocinante stops in a debris field, the aftermaths of one of the war’s battles, in order to salvage some desperately needed supplies from what remains of the destroyed ships.

Avasarala is frustrated at being cut off from everything happening in the system and plans to user her speaking skills to convince Holden to allow her to send her message to Admiral Souther.

At first, Holden is steadfast in his refusal. Sending a message would alert every ship in the system to their whereabouts.

But Chrisjen assures him that a message to the right person could change the tides of the war. She wants to contact Anna Volovodov since she’s an outsider who’s communications are probably not screened and she has direct access to the Secretary-General.

To Naomi’s disapproval, he gives in and agrees to send the message. When she tells him he can’t trust the Under-Secretary he retorts that he can’t trust Naomi. At least he knows who Avasarala is.

Elsewhere on the ship, Prax is having moral conflicts as to what extremes he might go to save someone.

They board the Kittur Chennamma, a Martian vessel with similar specifications to their own.

While retrieving the supplies they need they discover 3 Martian survivors and transfer them to the Rocinante.

When the Martians discover they are aboard the stolen Tachi they take matters into their own hands by attacking Alex and trying to take over the ship.

Naomi tries to diffuse the tense situation but things get worse when Holden arrives pointing a riffle on them.

Things are coming to a head when Bobbie calmly walks in and contrary to an earlier statement she made to Avasarala about being a shooter, not a talker she manages to convince the Martians to peacefully give up.

One of the Martians is later surprised to be introduced to the U.N. Under-Secretary which just confuses him more.

She explains that the war is a sham, started by people within her own government. They are patching up the Kittur Chennamma enough to get them back to their fleet. When they arrive Avasarala wants him to relay a message to Admiral Souther for her.


On Earth, the Secretary General addresses the general assembly. His speech, the one Anna wrote for him about facing the unknown, about humanity coming together and working together in the face of the alien threat is going well, but then he diverges from her script, saying he doesn’t think Mars and Earth can see eye to eye and that the only way to end the war and move forward is to put Mars in its place and unite all humanity under the U.N. Flag.

This deviation was clearly Erinwright’s doing.

Anna later confronts Sorrento and strongly expresses her disappointment in him, saying she thought there was some decency within him but she was obviously wrong. She storms out of the room done with him.

Frustrated and upset, Anna talks to her wife while packing to leave. Anna just wants to go home. Upon ending the call she receives an anonymous message with the incriminating video proving Errinwright’s involvement in starting the war.


On IO the shutdown is well underway but Doctor Strickland is secretly continuing his research on Kotoa who is continuing to transform into a Protomolecule hybrid.

When Mae is being troublesome Jules-Pierre Mao tries to calm her but she runs away. He follows her to a locked remote room where she tells him that Katoa is being kept.

Doctor Strickland is summoned to open the door and inside they find a transforming Kotoa in the process of dismembering and cataloguing all the internal organs of one of the workers he killed.

When Mao realizes that Kotoa is communicating with the other Protomolecule infestations and that he is the key to everything he orders Doctor Strickland to continue his research.

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