Formalized Complex and Costly – The Orphan Black Podcast 303

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Formalized Complex and Costly

Formalized Complex and Costly

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Welcome back everyone. I am so happy that you’ve joined me to discuss Orphan Black.

There was so much to talk about in this episode. From the discovery of the Castor clone’s disorder to Gracie’s big revelation. From Art’s disclosure to Alison’s ingenuity.

I dive into all the little bits and pieces of of this episode during my discussion and you get to hear from some great feedback contributors.

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Links mentioned in the show.

Kathryn Alexandre Interview

Orphan Black Fan explains the importance of the show’s LGBTQ representation.

Fashion from Orphan Black

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  1. Hi Mark,

    In episode 3 Sara tells Gracie, while in the diner that “Helena is the mother of your kid”. Did Gracie’s dad use both their eggs for fertilization? I thought Gracie said she was pregnant with Helena’s babies. Your podcast makes my 10 hours on the assembly line just a little better. Keep up the great work!

    Leslie for Rockford, Il

    • Hi Leslie, thanks for the kind words.

      As far as the baby goes. Henrik, Gracie’s dad extracted eggs from Helena and then fertilized them in his lab using his own sperm with the intention of reinserting them into Helena. Then Helena escapes and he blames Gracie and since Helena isn’t available he implants some of her eggs in Gracie. Later, after Helena and Sarah go on the road trip and Helena gets into the bar fight, Mark and Gracie find her and bring her back to the farm where Henrik implants eggs in her. Henrik had more fertilized eggs and planned on implanting them in several women but Helena escaped, killing Henrik and taking the canister with the remaining fertilized eggs.

      So both Helena and Gracie were pregnant with Helena’s eggs that were fertilized by Henrik. So when Sarah told Gracie that “Helena is the mother of your kid” it’s because she was inseminated with Helena’s eggs.

      Hope that makes sense.

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