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[2:13] News
[4:45] Episode Recap
[10:15] Feedback
[1:21:49] Book Discussion

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This week we discuss season 3 of The Expanse with the second episode titled “IFF”.

In this week’s podcast after sharing some news from The Expanse, I talk about the most recent episode. I end the podcast with some great listener feedback.


How does “The Expanse” show differ from the books?

The Expanse takes on TV fail in a new way, by actually using real religions.

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Episode Recap


The episode opens on IO with Prax’s daughter Mae being comforted by Doctor Strickland after waking from a bad dream. She wants her daddy but Strickland deflects her requests.

After sending her to be examined he greets Jules-Pierre Mao who’s arrived to oversee his work.

Mao is not in a good mood. On one side he’s dealing with threats from Errinwright to provide the promised Protomolecule weapon. And on the other side, he’s dealing with the fact that they have no way of controlling the Protomolecule because it keeps breaking down the command and control tech inserted within them.

Mao wants to terminate the program but to his surprise, Doctor Strickland may have a solution. By using the immune deficiency disorder affecting the children they will be able to inhibit the Protomolecule.

If they can fully understand the process at a molecular level it could hold the key to finding countermeasures to the Protomolecule.

Mao is impressed and tells Strickland to do whatever he has to do.

In the examination room, Kotoa tells Mae that the new treatment Doctor Strickland is administering will cure them. He shows Mae the blue pulsing lights in his arm.


On Earth, a protest rally is taking place outside the U.N. Headquarters. The Reverend Doctor Anna Volovodov witnesses some of the protesters being manhandled by security and comes to their aid.

Later, the Secretary-General gets reacquainted with his old friend Anna. He asked her there to help him write his speech to address the general assembly. She’s reluctant, but gives in and agrees to help him in exchange for support of her Church for a full year.

Unsure of her decision to help her old friend, Anna seeks comfort from her wife Nono and their daughter Nami.

Later at a dinner, it’s revealed that Anna wrote the speech that got the Secretary-General elected to power.

While the ruling council discuss the apprehension of Jules-Pierre Mao and the possibility of getting to him through his family. Anna puts Errinwright in his place by reminding him that collective punishment is a war crime.


Aboard the Pinus Contorta (a.k.a. The Rocinante) Prax is putting his knowledge to good use by incorporating vegetation panels into the ship to help with air filtration.

The IFF system (Identify Friend or Foe) detects a distress call coming from a Martian marine aboard an unknown ship.

Upon further investigation, they discover that the ship is registered to Julie Mao. Alex is ready to alter course to intercept them when Holden belays the order. He’s determined that the right thing for them to do is to continue their search for Prax’s daughter.


In the depths of space, a U.N.N. Escort ship under Errinwright’s control is hunting the Razorback.

Aboard the racing pinus, Bobby and Avasarala are hoping to avoid detection long enough to get out of range of their pursuers. They manage to get out of imminent danger before being detected.

Bobby pushes the Razorback but the strain of acceleration is too much for Chrisjen so she slows down allowing the U.N.N. ship to gain ground.

Avasarala convinces Bobby to send a distress call through her suit but the problem is, the inherent encryption means only Martians will be able to receive the call. It’s not the best plan considering Chrisjen is considered a war criminal and Bobby is viewed as a deserter but they have little choice if they want to survive.

Bobby tries to keep the ship at the highest speed possible while not harming the Under Secretary but the sustained acceleration is too much for the older lady and they are forced to slow down.

The U.N.N. ship gets within range and fires on them, right as another unknown ship and launches missiles as well. Bobby does her best to outfly them but there’s no hope.

But then suddenly, the second batch of missiles destroy’s the U.N.N. missiles and the remaining ones take up escort positions around the Razorback.

Aboard the Contorta the crew get ready for battle. Prax broke the tie choosing to help the Razorback. They strap in and enter the fray.

A utility closet that wasn’t properly locked opens and the tools become projectiles threatening Amos and Prax.

During a manoeuvre one of the flying tools dislodges Prax’s air hose. Amos unstraps and goes to his aid saving the botanist.

In a desperate manoeuvre, the Contorta detonates their missiles to act as a screen as they sneak in and shear the thrusters clean off the U.N.N. ship immobilizing it.

The trick saved them and the Razorback but in the process, they declared war on Earth.

After the battle, Prax confides in Amos that he’s afraid of what he will find when they do find Mae. Amos tells him he can’t give up on his daughter because he’s all she has left and she’s all he has left.

The episode ends with Bobby carrying an unconscious Avasarala onto the Contorta and asking for their help.


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