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The monster and the rocket

The Monster And The Rocket

This episode Timestamps

[3:28] News
[5:36] Episode Recap
[11:26] My Observations
[19:28] Feedback
[None] Book Discussion

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This week we continue season 2 of The Expanse with the episode titled “The Monster And The Rocket”.

In this week’s podcast after sharing some news from The Expanse, I talk about the most recent episode. I end the podcast with some great listener feedback.



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Episode Recap

The Monster And The Rocket


The episode opens with Errinwright contemplating his past actions. He has a heart to heart conversation with his son but fails to tell the boy what he really means to say.

Later, before the Eros hearings are about to begin, he’s talking to Avasarala as if he’s already been convicted. She won’t hear any of it and reminds him of all the good he’s done. When she mentions that she’s going to meet with Jules-Pierre Mao he looks hopeful. He begs her to hear the man out and try to convince him that selling the Protomolecule to the Martians in not in Earth’s best interest.

Later, Cotyar escorts Bobbie to the jump ship that will take them and Avasarala to Jules-Pierre Mao’s ship. With the marine off the planet, she can’t be used as a bargaining chip by the Martian delegation.

Their ship arrives at the UN-MCR Neutral Zone where it docks with Mao’s ship. They are greeted by Captain Malik but Avasarala forgoes any small talk until Mao arrives.

The mogul offers them an ultimatum. In exchange for freeing his family, he will, in time offer the Protomolecule research to Earth, just like Mars, for the benefit of the system. The fact that he plans on profiting from both sides isn’t lost to him.

Back on earth, Errinwright writes a letter to his love, Jodie before a meeting with the head of the Martian delegation.

Errinwright makes nice with his Martian counterpart discussing both their peoples and the conflicts facing both of them and how the Protomolecule could be the solution to their problems. The meeting is proceeding nicely when Korshunov suddenly collapses and dies. Errinwright poisoned him as part of a larger plan.

On Jules-Pierre Mao’s ship, he and Avasarala receive a transmission from Errinwright. He informs them that Korshunov is dead and the MCRN Karakum, the ship on it’s way to Ganymede to pick up the Protomolecule has been destroyed by his orders.

He sees Avasarala’s actions as a betrayal of their friendship.

Errinwright gives Mao his own ultimatum. Clean up the mess he made for him, Return to Earth alone and wait for further instructions before getting back to work.

With tensions high on Mao’s ship, guns are drawn as the two sides face off and Mao makes his exit.

On the Rocinante, Holden, Alex and Prax are hunting the Protomolecule monster on the surface of Ganymede.

Prax doesn’t understand Holden’s motives and tries to convince him to take a less lethal approach.

They follow the monster into one of the destroyed agro domes. It’s a tight fit and when Alex wants to pull out Holden overrides him. They spot the monster and Holden opens fire but Prax stops him, still thinking it could be a transformed Mei.

They hold up when they intercept a transmission that the MCRN Karakum, a black ops ship that was coming to collect the Protomolecule suddenly blew up.


At the Ganymede loading docks, Melissa is getting ready to evacuate refugees aboard the Somnambulist. She refuses Naomi’s offers to repair the ship before departure but the engineer doesn’t take no for an answer.

With the station’s power failing there’s not much time to get the ship operational and under way.

The refugees are getting restless. There are no other ships for them to seek passage on. When they try to force their way on board Amos and Melissa seal the doors.

To make matters worse, the Ganymede’s air refill stations have been shut down so the Somnambulist has to make due with just the air it has left which is only enough to take 52 of the hundreds of people waiting for passage. If they found out there would surely be a riot.

Naomi is upset at the notion of leaving the refugees behind. Amos concedes that they have no choice. It’s too dangerous to open the doors.

When it comes time to depart. Naomi wants to go talk to the refugees. Amos tries to stop her but she injects him with a paralytic drug and opens the airlock doors.

As expected the crowd panics and tries to rush in. Naomi offers her spot on the ship if the big Belter helps her calm the people down so they can at least save 52 women and children.

The big Belter calms the crowd down and addresses them. He explains the situation and appeals to their Belter pride. 52 people board the ship in an orderly fashion.

When Naomi thanks the big Belter and offers her spot, he turns her down and puts her back on the ship saying she’s not done yet.

As the ship takes off the MCRN forces threaten to destroy the Somnambulist if they don’t return to the docks.

They broadcast that they are a refugee ship and beg them not to fire but their plea falls on deaf ears. The MCRN Valkyrie fires a torpedo at them.


Back on the Rocinante, they have the monster in their sights when they hear the MCRN threatening to blow up the Somnambulist.

Holden is reluctant to end their pursuit but Alex makes him come to his senses. Their family needs their help.

They arrive just in time to shoot down the missile aimed at the Somnambulist. Holden orders Alex to target lock every MCRN ship in range and then opens a channel.

He orders the Martian navy to stand down as they escort the refugees away from Ganymede. If any of them shoots he threatens to unleash all their firepower upon them. Even if it means they all die.

The Martians comply. As they clear the area we see that the Rocinante’s airlock has been torn open and a blue glowing monster is hiding on board.

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