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Here There Be Dragons

Here There Be Dragons

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[1:54] News
[9:23] Episode Recap
[14:44] My Observations
[17:42] Feedback
[1:37:36] Book Discussion

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This week we continue season 2 of The Expanse with the episode titled “Here There Be Dragons”.

In this week’s podcast after sharing some news from The Expanse, I talk about the most recent episode. I end the podcast with some great listener feedback.


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Episode Recap

Here There Be Dragons

The episode opens with a flashback on Ganymede Station before the mirrors fell. Dr. Strickland and an accomplice escort May to an isolated part of the station.

They make it to their destination right as the orbital battle begins.

Strickland straps Mei down along side other children in order to include her in the experiment he’s performing on the other kids.


Back in present day. Holden and crew are following the same path that Strickland and Mei took. They venture into the old part of the station where nobody lives anymore.

Naomi tries to prepare Prax for what they might find ahead but he blurts out that she has no idea what he’s going through. To his surprise, she tells him she does understand. Her son was taken from her and she tried very hard to get him back but she failed. It took her a long time to accept that it wasn’t her fault.

They find a clue showing they’re on the right track to find Mei and make their way to a room where a group of scientists and their security force are eating a meal. One of the guards flinches and a firefight breaks out. During the chaos, the scientists escape out a back door and Amos takes a bullet.

In a side room, Prax discovers the body of a young child infected with the Protomolecule. Not taking any chances, Holden incinerates the body to prevent another Eros incident.

The back door to the room they’re in opens and a grenade is tossed in. A quick thinking Amos grabs it up and tosses it back through the door where it explodes. In the aftermaths of the explosion, they hear a large commotion including screaming and gunfire and the brief sound of an alarm before it shuts off.

When everything settles down the team goes in to investigate. Everyone is dead. They find some kind of cell. Whatever was inside it obviously broke out. The alarm they heard was caused when something tore right through the outer airlock door.

One of the scientists isn’t dead but is barely holding on. Before she dies she tells them they succeeded in making the Protomolecule into their image and there’s a lot more where it came from.

Meanwhile, aboard the Rocinante Alex is trying to figure out how he’s going to circumvent the no-fly zone to get his people. He intercepts an MCRN communication clearing a landing path down to a remote section of Ganymede. He figures it’s a black ops mission and decides to get down there before the Mars ship does.

After doing some calculations Alex decides to use a slingshot manoeuvre in a gravity assisted path to Ganymede. He has a close call and is almost discovered by an MCRN ship but he makes it to the surface unobserved.

He finds his team just in the nick of time to rescue them. Before leaving, Naomi informs Holden that she’s staying behind to help the people of Ganymede. He’s reluctant to let her go but does give in and asks Amos to go with her.

Alex calls their attention to someone or something walking on the surface of Ganymede without a vac suit. Holden orders Prax to suit up, they’re going hunting.


On Earth, Errinwright has a way to get to Jules-Pierre Mao. He suggests putting pressure on his family and then using the man’s kids to plead with him to talk.

Avasarala informs Errinwright that because of his connections with Jules-Pierre Mao the U.N. Security Council plans on targeting him during their investigation into the Eros incident. He’s not surprised. She tells him to come clean and atone for his sins.

Meanwhile, Bobbie is reprimanded by Sgt. Martens for her recent escapades. She tries to get the truth out of him about Ganymede but he won’t comply. Instead, he tells her that she’s a disgrace to her uniform and that when she gets back to Mars she will not be a soldier anymore.

When the time comes to depart they are informed that due to an OPA threat their shuttle has been postponed until further notice.

Later, Bobbie requests an audience with Martens. She presses him again for the truth but when he refuses to answer she assaults him. To stop the beating he gives in and shows her Project Caliban.

Knowing the truth and feeling betrayed, Bobbie makes a run for U.N. zone outside the Martian Embassy and seeks political asylum on Earth.

Bobbie later informs Avasarala that she was correct about the monster. It was a weapons test for something Mars badly wants to acquire. She provides the U.N. with the data she took from Martens for them to study.

After Bobbie leaves, Avasarala receives a message from Jules-Pierre Mao asking her to meet him. He wants to explain his side to her in the hopes they can come to an accommodation. Cotyar tells her it’s a trap and she shouldn’t go but it’s too late, she already accepted Mao’s invitation.


In orbit above Venus, the U.N.S. Arboghast tries to launch probes to investigate the Eros crash site but the atmosphere is so corrosive that the probes are destroyed before they can send back any data.

They decide to cannibalise one of their two remaining probes to reinforce the last one in the hopes it wakes the surface.

Their plan succeeds and the probe makes it to the surface. It only survives for a few seconds, but it’s enough time to send back a strange image of a blue glowing crystalline structure growing on the surface.

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