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How To Kill Friends And Influence People

How To Kill Friends And Influence People – Killjoys S2E10

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Welcome, I am so happy that you’ve joined me to discuss the season 2 finale of Killjoys.

Wow, what an amazing episode. We were given so many answers and yet we still have just as many questions for next season. What is the connection between Aneela and Dutch? Where are Johnny and Clara going? Is Delle Sayah Kendry alive or dead? Will season 3 take us out of the Quad?

It was sad to see so many great characters perish this season, although speculation says a couple of them may be back next year. In this sort of show, who knows?

I can’t wait for you to dive into this episode of the podcast to hear my thoughts and theories, and of course to hear the great feedback from my listeners. Without them, this podcast wouldn’t be half what it is.

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Killjoys – How To Kill Friends and Influence People – Recap

The episode starts off with Khlyen telling a young Yella a story. A story of a father and his beautiful daughter living in a castle. The story is interjected with flashback scenes of Khlyen and Aneela. Khlyen discovered the green plasma on Arkyn and used it to grow trees to help feed his people.

The fruit from those threes caused strange things to happen to those who ate it. As Khlyen tells the young Yella to remember the stories, we see Aneela running across Arkyn with a green tear running down her face.


Back in the present, Dutch and D’Avin wake the unconscious Johnny who immediately jumps up to go to Pawter’s aid. D’Avin tells his brother that she’s dead. Lucie confirmed it.

On the news feeds, Delle Seyah Kendry is broadcasting a eulogy in honour of Pawter, spewing lies about the dead doctor.

Johnny confides in Dutch that his life was finally happy with Pawter. She tells him that she has his back no matter what he decides to do next. She offers to leave the system with him but he knows they can’t. There’s a war going on and their part in it isn’t over.

The Black Root arrive on the ship to apprehend Khlyen, who walks in behind them and shoots them with darts containing a yellow toxin. At first, nothing happens but they soon collapse to the floor, their plasma draining from them.

Khlyen suggests they join together to save the Quad.


Later, Khlyen tells Dutch that if Aneela ever finds out about her she may kill her. That’s why he gave the dreadnought to Dutch. He explains that there are no young level 6s because their cerebral cortexes can’t take it. Due to her age when infected, Aneela is quite insane.

When she questions about their similarity Khlyen tells her he doesn’t know why the two look alike.


Khlyen explains to the group that the green plasma contains a neuro parasite called Halland. When bonded with a host that person, like him, is no longer human.

He tells them that centuries ago his people offered the Nine a deal. Eventual assimilation or immediate annihilation. Their descendants had 10 generations to suck the wealth out of the Quad to honour the deal. What’s happening in Old Town right now is the beginning of that deal. A silent invasion has begun.

The sole reason the Quad is of interest to his people is the plasma. If they destroy it there will no longer be a reason for them to come. Without the ability to make new soldiers the invasion will be aborted.

Dutch suggests going to Arkyn but it’s surrounded by Black Root cruisers. Khlyen tells them he knows of a source of pure plasma, a parent strain to what’s being used in the Quad. If they destroy it, all the child strains will be destroyed as well.

Khlyen tells them that D’Avin’s visions was of a Scarback raiding party who stole a tree growing in the original plasma pool. Aneela swore to break the attackers and retrieve the tree. Khlyen says if they can find it they can end the war.


Dutch goes to the Scarback’s monastery to ask Alvis about the mystical tree they worship and where it might be kept. According to scripture, 12 monks went to Arkyn and one returned. Whatever he escaped with was taken back by the Devil, who we now know is what they called Aneela. Dutch notices that the ancient scripture pages are riddled with holes and figures out it’s a star chart.

They have Lucy match the star chart to a remote section of space where Khlyen tells them Archive is located. An ultra high-security storage facility.

Khlyen starts laying out a plan but Dutch overrules him saying they’ll do it her way. Archive caters to the elite and she’s a runaway Queen.


On Westerley, Delle Seyah Kendry asks an underling to bring her something that was dug out of the debris in Old Town.

She receives a call from Khlyen telling her the timetable has been moved up. His people are on their way. He tells her she can undergo the procedure once she takes care of a complication, Dutch and her team.


At Archive, Dutch, embracing her mantle as Yelena Ardeen asks to set up a vault for her valuables and is taken to the Dej’s office while her “bodyguards” are asked to stay outside. D’Avin and Fancy Lee make short work of the Archive security force and head into the service tunnels and make a connection for Lucy to infiltrate Archive’s systems.

Lucy finds Aneela’s vault and matches Dutch’s DNA to it.

Unfortunately, the two are discovered and pinned down by gunfire. Knowing Fancy Lee is a level 6 and can heal. D’Avin uses him as a human shield to escape.

In the Dej’s office, Dutch’s ruse is discovered and guards are brought in to detain her and Khlyen. She takes on all six of them while Khlyen and the Dej calmly observe.

Once the fight is over She and Khlyen leave to go find Aneela’s vault. Inside it they find the missing tree. But Aneela left a trap for them. Panels in the vault walls open to light in from a nearby sun cooking everything inside.


Outside Archive, two Black Root ships target Lucy as they engage in a game of cat and mouse. Through some fancy flying and some sheer luck, Lucy and Johnny manage to survive the fight.


Inside the vault, Khlyen manages to shut the wall panels saving them. Dutch then pours the toxin into the pool of plasma but nothing happens.

Lucy informs them that the toxin could work if combined with human bonded plasma. The only source of which they have is Khlyen. Dutch protests but Khlyen takes the toxin and poisons himself. But not before telling her that that Aneela used the Red 17 experiments to strengthen the bond between plasma and host, creating slaves. That was never his goal. He lived with it until he saw Yella. She was his chance to make things right.

He included her name on the level 6 list as a way to keep her. He knows that Hallen will eventually take over everything so he trained her to survive the merge so he wouldn’t loose her. That was until D’Avin provided another option, being able to set them all free.

With Khlyen’s blood poisoning the parent plasma, all derivatives of it also die. Including everything on Arkyn and the plasma infecting the level 6s like Fancy Lee.


Later, back in Old Town, Dutch, D’Avin and Johnny toast the destruction of the Plasma. Johnny gets up to get the next round. After a talk with Pree he decides to leave.

He meets up with Delle Seyah Kendry after luring her to a fake meeting with Khlyen. After a brief chat, Johnny pulls his gun, shoots her, and walks away.

He heads to Lucy to pack some things before leaving the Quad. Lucy detains him, hurt that he wasn’t going to say goodbye. He tells her that after what he just did he needs to leave before it comes back to bite Dutch and D’Avin.

She lets him go. On his way out he runs into Clara, who Lucy called. The two steal the Black Root ship Khleyn and Fancy Lee had used and head off together to unknown destinations.


Back at the Royal, Fancy informs the others that he’s no longer a 6. D’Avin wonders about Aneela but Dutch knows that her lookalike is still a danger. As she lays out her plans destroy the rest of the plasma, the scene shifts to a massive ship with thousands of support vessels heading for the Quad.

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