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The Red Door

In this episode of The Under The Dome Podcast I discuss the ninth episode of season 2 titled “The Red Door” that aired on August 25th 2014 on CBS. I go over some recent news regarding the show and talk about it’s ratings. In my episode discussion I talk about Barbie’s interrogation and escape. I discuss Jim’s search for answers and the egg. I go over what happens to the characters in Zenith and their search for the red door. I also talk about Junior’s actions and how it affects Julia as well as Joe and Norrie. I finish off the episode with listener feedback and answers to my Twitter question.

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Links discussed in this episode:

Max Ehrich Interview

North Carolina film incentives chopped

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1 Comment

  1. Hi Mark–
    I have been listening to your podcast every week and greatly appreciate your program. You notice things that don’t make sense, but you don’t obsess over things. Thank you! We all know that “Under the Dome” has plot holes and inconsistencies. I’m glad you stay focused on the interesting storylines and more positive aspects of the show. As you would say, “So, anyways”….

    I agree—why was Pauline so quick to forgive and forget that Sam murdered Angie AND that he did it in response to her drawings? I guess we are supposed to believe that Pauline’s focus is 100% on Junior and getting him out of the dome. After her vision she says that they need to “atone” for what they have done. Maybe Sam will be held accountable before long.

    You (and many other reviewers) have said: “Why doesn’t everyone just leave the dome now that there is a way out”? Think about it, would you be willing to just jump off a cliff into a black abyss? That would be terrifying! It might be easier to jump if you were starving or your life was in danger, but most people in Chester’s Mill are coping so far. Would people be willing to push their young children and elderly parents over the cliff into the great unknown? The disasters and plagues that happen under the dome seem to be short-lived, so I don’t think most people would be anxious to trust that “leap of faith”. I would be thinking: “What if the portal closes right when I jump?” and “What if I break my neck when I land?” and “What is waiting for me on the other side?”.

    You wondered why Jim would want to identify himself as sheriff rather than as a councilman. I think Jim would see the sheriff as a higher authority—he enforces the law and carries a gun. A councilman is basically just one voting member of a bureaucratic committee that runs a town. In the extreme situation under the dome, I think the sheriff would have more power and authority. Plus, are Jim and Junior still the only townspeople with guns? I can’t remember if all the weapons are still in Jim’s bunker. Jim seemed very happy for an excuse to display that big revolver of his around town.

    You also asked why Jim would ask the guards outside the dome for permission to bring the townspeople out. Didn’t Jim see them forcibly drag Barbie away? Didn’t the military try to blow up the dome with a nuclear weapon? I think it makes sense that Jim would want some assurance that anyone coming out of the dome would be treated properly. If I were him I would be very suspicious that the guards said that only Jim and Junior could come out. As you said, why isn’t everyone welcome to leave?

    I guess that’s all for now. Thanks again for your podcast. I do enjoy your Canadian accent—especially the way you say “ABOUT” and “AGAINST”. Very exotic 🙂

    PS I hope all went well when you dropped your son off at college. I remember thinking I was prepared for the experience when I brought my daughter to school in Boston, but it was very emotional. Good luck!

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