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[2:27] News
[7:58] Episode Recap
[14:20] My Observations
[24:08] Feedback
[1:20:03] Book Discussion

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This week we continue season 2 of The Expanse with the episode titled “Pyre”.

In this week’s podcast after sharing some news from The Expanse, I talk about the most recent episode. I end the podcast with some great listener feedback.


What are those High-G “Juice” Injections?

Alex Kamal’s Lasagna Recipe.

Belter Creole

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Episode Recap



The episode opens on Ganymede as during the battle as one of the orbital solar mirror crashes down, destroying a bio-dome garden.

An unknown time later Praxideke Meng wakes up on board a refugee ship for Ganymede survivors. He finds his friend Dorris who tells him that his daughter Mei is dead. Half the mirror came down on sector 4 where Mei was at a clinic for her doctor’s appointment.

Things are rough on the refugee ship. With Ganymede no longer an option, Parx and Dorris make plans to start over on Mars. The ship rendezvous with another ship to unload all refugees from Earth and Mars.

Prax follows Dorris as they load all the “innards” into the airlock but he’s denied access because he’s a belter. As Prax watches, the outer airlock door opens and the Earth and Mars refugees are ejected into space.

When he arrives on Tycho Station he tries to report the crime but he doesn’t know the names of the refugee ship he arrived on or the name of the person who opened the airlock.


At Tycho, Naomi and Alex return with Diogo but the kid won’t give up any information on Anderson Dawes whereabouts.

They discover that a four man skiff left Tycho from the opposite side of the station at the exact time as Dawes’ ship did. Diogo was a diversion. To bypass station security they needed an inside man.

Dawes sends Fred a message. Fred is his protégé but they must now part ways. Fred told Dawes the Protomolecule was destroyed but he still had Cortazar held away. Anderson thinks Fred was vying for power all for himself and not just for the belt. So Dawes took Fred’s secret weapon and will share it will all the belt.

One of the belters from Fred’s command centre secretly recorded Dawes’ message and shows it to his Black Sky contacts.

Fred and Holden discuss their options. Fred isn’t worried. They have all of Cortazar’s notes and data. The drives Dawes took with him are useless without the security codes. Holden is more concerned with the fact that Cortazar was getting messages from the Portomolecule.

Naomi is shocked but offers a solution to pinpoint where Cortazar was looking. Before implementing her plan, she returns to the Rocinante to verify on the hidden missile only she knows about. From what she can tell, nobody else has approached it.

She then accompanies Drummer to an antennae array that Cortazar had used. Along the way, Naomi learns how loyal Drummer is to Fred Johnson. She used to work with Anderson Dawes. When Dawes found Fred she and Johnson started talking and he gave her a new perspective on life so she followed him to Tycho. Once they access the antennae they are able to pinpoint where his Protomolecule signal came from. A message was sent from Ganymede at the same time that Earth and Mars started shooting at each other.

Holden wants to set out for Ganymede to stop it’s spread. Fred on the other hand accepts that the Protomolecule is out there and they’re just going to have to live with it.

Back on the Roci, Holden and Naomi use the knowledge that Cortazar used to work for Protogen to look up anyone on Ganymede with a similar past. They narrow it down to anyone with an advanced degree and come up with the name of Dr. Lawrence Strickland a paediatrician. They continue their search and discover that Praxideke Meng, one of the refugees from Ganymede currently on Tycho Station is associated with Strickland.

They track him down in the refugee area, he thinks they are there to silence him about what happened on the ship that brought him there, but he’s surprised when they ask him about his daughter’s doctor.

Prax tells them that Strickland is his daughter’s doctor. She was with him when the mirror fell and the clinic was wiped out.

Naomi gets him to show her the last footage of Mei which shows Strickland taking her out of the clinic an hour before it was destroyed. Meaning Prax’s daughter may still be alive.

Holden concludes that Strickland knew the battle was coming and went back for Mei. When it becomes evident that they are going to Ganymede Prax asks to accompany them.


In Tycho’s command centre, Black Sky burst in guns blazing and take over in order to gain access to the nuclear missiles. They can prep them but they can’t launch them without the codes. When Fred refuses to give them the codes they start shooting people. When Drummer, a fellow Belter sides with Fred they shot and wound her as well.

Elsewhere on Tycho, Alex asks a zoned out Amos for help fixing some hand terminals for the refugees but Amos says no and walks away.

Later, back on board the Roci, Alex interrupts Amos as he’s searching for information on Lydia Maalouf of Baltimore.

The pilot tells Amos that his problem is he only thinks of himself. Alex can’t figure out why Amos doesn’t want to help the people on the station in need. He presses him more so Amos asks him why he isn’t helping his family on Mars. Alex takes affront and confronts Amos who instantly retaliates before realizing what he’s doing and backs off before he hurts the pilot.

They are interrupted by a beeping and discover that someone is trying to access the nukes on Tycho. They contact Holden with the news.


In the command centre, Fred refuses to cooperate with Black Sky. It doesn’t matter, they are close to breaking the codes themselves. Outside the station, Amos cuts off oxygen to the command centre causing everyone inside to black out.

Once everyone is down, Holden leads a team in to rescue the hostages. On her way out, Drummer kills the Black Sky leader and the Command centre trader.


Later, on board the Roci, Amos shows Prax around, he’s not a prisoner, but he will be restricted to his room.

Elsewhere, Naomi questions Holden’s motives in going to Cortazar’s cell. Jim confesses that he was going to kill the man to prevent another Eros.

Naomi is upset. Jim is not a murder, it’s not who he is. He wants her to keep reminding him who he is.


When the Roci is denied leave of the station, Holden calls Fred. Fred wants him to bring back whatever he finds but when Holden refuses, Fred tells him they are no longer welcome on Tycho. Holden isn’t concerned. He doesn’t think Fred will still be in charge of Tycho when they return.

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