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Full Metal Monk

Full Metal Monk – Killjoys S2E08

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Welcome, I am so happy that you’ve joined me to discuss Killjoys.

This week’s episode was divided down the middle with one story following Dutch, D’Avin and Alvis to Arkyn and another story following Pawter and Johnny in Old Town. Both stories had their good and bad moments as well as some action and slow parts. Out of the two, I prefer the Old Town story because I feel we got some much-needed answers while not revealing everything. Whereas the Arkyn story just left us with more questions.

I talk about all of this and so much more in the podcast.

As always, my episode discussion is followed by some great feedback contributors from listeners.

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Killjoys – Full Metal Monk – Recap

The episode begins with Dutch visiting Johnny in Jelco’s cell. The two have a bit of a stand off, with Dutch having difficulty coming to terms with what Johnny did behind her back and Johnny telling her she had her thing and he followed Pawter who has hers.

Dutch calls Pawter to take care of Johnny’s situation and then leaves with matters unresolved.


Pawter arrives and orders Jelco to release Johnny. She threatens him if he doesn’t comply so he lets the Killjoy go. Once the two have left he places a call to Kendry.

She fed up with their meddling and tells him to activate the wall. Jelco is reluctant but follows her orders.


Pawter tells Johnny she suspects the wall has to do with execution eugenics, something the company has done before. Contain an area, introduce a biological agent to cull the weak leaving only the strong behind.

They test samples of blood, water and soil but none of them are toxic. Pawter needs to find proof of the conspiracy to show her fellow councilman Arune Hyponia who is meeting her that night.

Pawter realises that nobody in Old Town has lost any weight and asks Pree how the townsfolk are getting food. He tells them that there may be a wall but that doesn’t stop people from smuggling in contraband.

They find Carl, who we last saw at the prison in Old Town. He’s the go-to person for contraband food. Pawter tests his wares but they’re disgusting but clean of toxins. Carl tells them he’s expecting a special shipment soon.


Johnny and Pawter go back to her old office in the Royal to work up a plan to intercept the convoy bringing Carl’s shipment.

Pawter tries on one of the discarded sexer dresses left in her office thinking it might be a good distraction to stop the convoy. What it is, is a distraction for Johnny.

The two of them find it strange that with everything going on they’re feeling happy. The two express their love for each other.

The two are acting as if they’re high on drugs when Arune, Pawter’s councillor friend shows up. He immediately realises something is wrong but is distracted when Pawter tells him they’re going to get proof of the company poisoning the town’s rations.

At this point, Jelco walks in and holds Arune at gunpoint. Johnny and Pawter are so high that they don’t object.

Jelco tells Arune that the wall makes everyone inside happy and complacent unless they have a special inhibitor.

He kills Arune, wipes off the gun and then places it in Pawters hand.

Even under the influence of the wall, Johnny and Pawter tell Jelco that they will stop him and save Old Town. The Company man finds this very amusing.

Jelco takes a photo of them with Pawter holding the gun and dead Arune in the background. He plans on sending it to the other leading families blaming House Simms for Arune’s death.


Later, Pawter and Johnny walk out of the Royal to join in on the joyfulness of the townsfolk. On the monitors, Jelco announces that airdrops of premium rations will be distributed over the next 48 hours putting an end to Old Town’s suffering.


In Old Town, D’Avin explains to Turin about the Level 6s they discovered. The two confront one and the battle is going bad until D’Avin’s uncontrolled power explode the man’s head.

Back on Lucy, Dutch tells D’Avin that she and Johnny have temporarily suspended their partnership until they’re each done with their current quests.

Dutch needs to get to the bottom of Khlyen’s story, who Aneela is, and why he wants Dutch to kill her. To get answers they head to Leith to talk to Olan.

Alvis tells her that Olan is broken, he even tried to kill his brother. Dutch talks to him alone and when she mentions Aneela Olan freaks out, yelling Devil and then starts drawing ancient symbols on the walls.

Olan tells them it’s a map of Arkyn and begs them not to go there. But of course, they do.

On route, D’Avin asks Alvis for advice in controlling his new powers. The monk listens to D’Avin’s exploding eyeballs story and then tells him he should start by not wishing death on someone.


On Arkyn the trio discovers one of Khlyen’s safe houses. They enter and it drops deep into the ground, stopping at an old abandoned Red 17 facility.

They make their way through the base and discover a room containing deformed bodies. They realise they were test subjects for the green goo.

They find a wall full of schematics but they can’t make heads or tales of it.

Alvis finds an old monk behind an energy wall similar to the one around Old Town. They deduce that the 10 bodies they found in the other room, plus the body of the Monk they found in the Mossipede mine and this guy behind the wall must be the original 12 Monks from the ancient stories who went to Arkyn to fight the devil.

They free the monk who attacks Dutch thinking she’s Aneela. They try to subdue him but he’s infused with the Level 6 goo and is proving very strong. D’Avin uses his powers with the help of Alvis to calm the old monk down. When he acts up again Dutch knocks him out.


Now awake and restrained they question the old Monk. Dutch cuts herself to prove she’s not Aneela and then tells him that she was sent by Khlyen to kill Aneela. The Old Monk is familiar with Khlyen’s name but Aneela called him a different name. She called him Father.

Dutch is freaked out. D’Avin calms her down and she decides to torch the facility and get out of there. The Old Monk begs her to kill him. He was tortured for centuries and no longer wants to live. The group agrees and Alvis performs the last rights before Dutch kills him.


Back on Lucy, Dutch wonders what if she is Aneela? She looks like her, she dreams of her. But D’Avin assures her that she is not Aneela, She is Yelena and together they will find Aneela.


Lucy informs them that the wall from the lab is a structural match for the wall surrounding Old Town. It kills fear and triggers euphoria. Once activated everyone inside becomes a happy helpless drone and the company can do whatever they want with them.

She tries to contact Johnny without any luck.

And that’s the end of the episode.

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