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The Seventh Man

The Seventh Man

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[1:57] News
[4:01] Episode Recap
[10:12] My Observations
[18:15] Feedback
[1:09:45] Book Discussion

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This week we continue season 2 of The Expanse with the episode titled “The Seventh Man”.

In this week’s podcast after sharing some news from The Expanse, I talk about the most recent episode. I end the podcast with some great listener feedback.



Let’s do the physics of knocking an asteroid into the sun.

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Episode Recap

The Seventh Man


On Earth, the U.N. council is trying to make heads or tails of what happened on Ganymede. Errinwright wants to choose an appropriate Martian target and respond. But Chrisjen wants instead to invite Mars to a peace summit. She believes that neither side really wants a war but with tension so high between them it’s just a matter of time before it comes to that. She convinces the Secretary General to call a summit.


Bobbie Draper regains consciousness on Ganymede after what looks like a fierce battle took place. Martian troops arrive and retrieve the injured Marine.

Back on board the M.C.R.N. Scirocco, Commander Thorsen informs Bobbie that she’s the only survivor from her unit. She’s having trouble recalling the events from the battle. She remembers 6 U.N. Marines charging their position but then thinks there may have been a seventh.

Later, Commander Thorsen records Bobbie’s official statement of the incident. As she tries to remember the accounts of what happened, Thorsen tries to put words in her mouth, or at least swing the story in Mars’ favour.

She keeps repeating that 7 U.N. Marines were charging their position firing. But Thorsen keeps repeating that they were firing on the Martian Marines. He wants her to say that the U.N. started the fight. Still confused she concedes that the U.N. started the war.

Later Bobbie is visited by Captain Martens, an M.C.R.N. Chaplain. He tells her that M.C.R.N. command will need her full cooperation regarding the mission on Ganymede but she can talk off the record with him.

He asks her what really happened. She mentions the drone that flew over their position but Martens tells her they have no record of any drone there. When pressed why it’s so important she tells him she can’t remember.

When her interrogation continues she takes a stimulant to improve her focus and help her remember things better. With Captain Martens watching remotely, Thorsen continues to question her.

Bobbie realizes that the U.N. Marines were not firing on them, they were running away from the seventh man while firing back on him. When she recalls seeing the seventh man, the monster, not wearing a vac suit, Martens orders the interrogation terminated.

Later, Thorsen presents Bobbie with the Purple Heart and informs her that she’s to attend an emergency summit. Her first-hand account of what happened on Ganymede will be vital to the proceedings. She’s to tell them that in the confusion, her team opened fire first on the U.N. Marines. She’s shocked and furious but concedes to the chain of command. But then all thoughts are pushed aside as she learns that to tell her account, she’s going to Earth.


On Tycho, refugee ships from Ganymede are arriving. As the crew of the Roci are handing out care packets, Anderson Dawes makes a grand entrance. Holden and Naomi each have a different view of the man’s methods and motives.

After being called out for his rough behaviour by a child. Amos goes to visit Dr. Cortozar to learn more about the procedure that was done to him. The doctor tells him not to seek out those lost feelings from his past. Instead, stomp them out and he’ll be free of them to move forward. He offers to help Amos if he wants.

Fred addresses the Belters on Tycho. He wants a unified OPA to send a representative to negotiate with Earth and Mars for the benefit of them all. He thinks it should be a born Belter and suggests Anderson Dawes.

Dawes is honoured at the appointment but he doesn’t share Fred Johnson’s ideas. He believes that if Earth and Mars formed a peace they would both turn their sights on the Belt and view them as possessions, animals for their experiments. They’ve done it before, they’ll do it again.

Fred interrupts him saying there is no more threat against the Belt. Whatever happened on Eros has been destroyed and the people behind it killed. Earth knows that what happened there originated from their backyard and they don’t want anything like that to happen again either.

As Dawes retaliates, Holden interrupts, telling them that the threat from Eros is over. And the missiles they have, they should give them back as a sign that the Belt wants peace as well.

Dawes thinks them both ideologists, but he does agree about the missiles. Keeping them is an act of war and using them would offer the same results. That’s why they should be sent back.

After the gathering, Naomi tells Holden he should have stayed out of it. By taking Fred’s side all he did was show the crowd two Earthers trying to tell Belters how they should run the Belt. She leaves him quite upset.

Later, Dawes visits the Rocinante. He wants to know what they and Fred are leaving out of the Eros story. He knows Fred is a tactical thinker. He wouldn’t send Dawes to negotiate with Earth and Mars plus send back their missiles if he didn’t have another card to play. Earth doesn’t trust Fred’s past, and after the Nauvoo incident, he won’t be long on Tycho. So whatever weapon Fred is hiding will soon become vulnerable.

Annoyed with his accusing manner, Holden kicks the man off his ship.

Anderson Dawes runs into Fred’s second in command on the promenade. The two obviously know each other. He asks her to come back to Ceres with him to help run things, but she prefers it on Tycho. If she won’t come back with him, he asks if she would at least tell him what Fred’s secret weapon is.

Elsewhere, Fred tells Holden that Cortazar is somehow getting information from the Protomolecule. He doesn’t know from where, but he’ll soon find out. Once they have it in their possession Cortazar will help them to understand it better. Fred believes that if the Belt has the Protomolecule, no one will ever use it against them again.

When Diogo arrives back home Anderson Dawes is there waiting for him. The older man turns up the charm and soon learns that Fred is holding Cortazar prisoner.

That night, Holden wakes and goes to see Cortazar only to find the man is gone. He informs Fred but they’re too late. Dawes’ ship just took off. Holden orders the Roci with Alex and Naomi to pursue.

They manage to shoot out the ships engines but when they board her all they find is Diogo on board. Dawes and Cortazar are gone.

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