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Heart-Shaped Box

Heart-Shaped Box – Killjoys S2E07

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Welcome, I am so happy that you’ve joined me to discuss Killjoys.

This week’s episode was very focused and didn’t involve the secondary characters very much. But that’s OK. We got a tight story with some answers and even more questions.

This week I talk mostly about what our trio do with Sabine and what they discover through her. I also talk briefly about Johnny’s side project with Pawter.

As always, my episode discussion is followed by some great feedback contributors from listeners.

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Recap of Heart-Shaped Box

The episode starts with Dutch and Alvis in bed together. Dutch looks up to see a mirror image of herself slit Alvis’ throat with a knife. She wakes up from the nightmare and tells Alvis she has to leave to continue searching for answers into Khlyen’s past.


In Old Town, Johnny meets the engineer that helped build the wall. He asks for her to tell him what the wall is really for, but before she can answer D’Avin arrives ordering Johnny to come back with him after discovering that Sabine isn’t dead.

After hearing his brother’s story and confirming that the woman is indeed alive, Johnny deduces that she’s a level 6 there to spy on them. They put her in a large duffle bag and sneak her onto Lucy to show Dutch.

After a bit of confusion as to why the boys have Sabine in a bag, Dutch is elated to discover they now have a level 6 right where they want them.


After running Sabine’s face through RAC records they discover that she’s really Jenny Avery, an 89 years old Killjoy.

Somehow D’Avin broke her and she’s no longer healing so Johnny suggests jolting her awake with an epinephrine shot.

He runs off to his room to get what he needs and while there contacts Pawter to help. He also tells her that Artura Senbek, the company engineer ran away before he could get answers from her about the wall. To make it easier, he asks Pawter to take a warrant out on the woman.


After waking Sabine they start questioning her. She tells them Khlyen sent her to spy on them. She tells them that level 6s are soldiers working for the true purpose of the RAC but she doesn’t know what that purpose is.

After a bit of torture, Sabine finally admits that Khlyen sent her to protect D’Avin from Dutch. Dutch wants more answers but D’Avin stops her before she takes the torture too far. He convinces her that to do it right, they need to have Turin interrogate Sabine.


Turin is happy to oblige and tells them he’s been trying to figure out a way to detect Level 6s amongst the RAC. With Sabine in their grasp, he hopes to finally accomplish that.

Using an optical lie detector, they show Sabine photos of RAC agents and monitor her pupils’ reactions creating a starting list of Level 6 RAC agents to target.

While Turin and the Killjoys are distracted, Turin’s interrogator pulls out a strange weapon and tries to kill Sabine but she dispatches him instead.


Back in restraints, Sabine tells them the weapon is a device to kill 6s. She tells them that they can’t heal from instant brain death.

She has them examine the dead interrogator, proving that he was a level 6 as well. He tried to stop her from talking to them.


Equipped with the list of possible Level 6 agents Turin takes his leave, but not before telling Dutch about the Black Root. The secret police that keep the 6s in line. He tells her to get what she can from Sabine and then dispose of her.


Back on Lucy, Sabine is equipped with a detonation collar in case she gets out of line. D’Avin notices that Sabine isn’t healing and questions if that means she’s not really a level 6 any more. He’s wondering if he could possibly heal her completely and make her normal.

Dutch tells him Sabine’s not a pet, she’s a weapon meant to be used against them. Once they get what they need out of her they need to get rid of her.

He scolds her, telling her they are not murderers. This is a war so she needs to treat Sabine like an enemy combatant. And that means not killing their prisoner.


Later, after examining Sabine’s brain scan, Johnny figures out that the Level 6 plasma shuts down the emotional part of the brain, the part that makes them human.

Sabine, having lost most of her plasma is feeling emotions for the first time in decades. Unfortunately, the state is temporary. The stuff in her brain is replicating and soon she’ll be a full-fledged Level 6 again.

Sabine overhears them and decides to help. She tells Dutch that the RAC tracks all agents looking for those strong enough to survive the physical transition and broken enough to survive the mental one. Most people go crazy during the process. The green breaks your bonds with anyone you’ve ever loved. It’s like everyone you know dies instantly.

Sabine says she never had a choice and she doesn’t like being someone’s puppet. She offers to identify all the Level 6s if they let her go, she’s as good as dead anyway once her people find out. Dutch agrees.


Sabine tells them that the green plasma actually stores all the information gathered by the 6s. With the help of D’Avin’s unique ability and Turin’s optical lie detector, she should be able to identify each and every one of them.

She and D’Avin join to begin the process and he suddenly sees a bunch of random distorted visions before stopping on a vision of Leith in the winter. Both he and Sabine are standing in a snow covered wooded area.

They discover a mirrored cube that somehow repels D’Avin. When he tries to force his way in, his body on Lucy goes into synaptic overload and Dutch is forced to break the experiment.

They were able to identify enough Level 6s before the connection was broken. Some of which are in Old Town.

Dutch trusts Sabine to D’Avin’s care while she and Johnny go verify the legitimacy of the Level 6s in Old Town.


Left alone, Sabine confesses to D’Avin that she hijacked his thoughts earlier to visit a memory of her grandfather’s farm for one last time. She also tells him that he’s the first person she’s actually felt a connection with for over 60 years.

D’Avin tells her the heightened emotions she’s feeling are due to them flooding into her all at once. She doesn’t care, these emotions are probably the last ones she’ll ever feel.

The two share a bottle of booze reminiscing about their youth. Then Sabine tells him she’s disappearing. She feels herself slipping away. All she wants is to feel wanted by someone, but he can’t help her out.


Meanwhile, going undercover in Old Town, Dutch and Johnny positively identify the 6s, marking them with a bio stain so they have a fix on them.

She doesn’t like it. There are too many of them just sitting around doing nothing. It’s like they’re waiting for something.

It’s getting late so the two call it a night and go their separate ways.

Dutch decides to search Sabine’s room in the Royal only to be attacked by one of the Black Root. They fight and she manages to kill him. In the process, she discovers that Sabine is really one of the Black Root and she was actually spying on them in order to locate Khlyen.


Earlier while on Leith, Johnny picked up a new warrant from Bellus for the company engineer. She didn’t like that he’s keeping things from Dutch and D’Avin and told him that they deserve better from him.

Now in Old Town, Johnny tracks down Artura Senbek and threatens to arrest her if she doesn’t help him take down the wall.

Reluctantly she tells him about Greenwell, the place where they tested the wall. The technology came from somewhere else and none of them knew what the wall did.

Greenwell, the town where they tested the wall was a slaughter. Almost everyone died within a day. The Company took the survivors but nobody knows where.

She tells him that the controls for the Old Town wall are in Jelco’s office in Spring Hill.


Johnny makes his was to Spring Hill and breaks into Jelco’s office only to find Artura Senbek held captive within. Before he can do anything Jelco arrives and takes him prisoner.


When Dutch arrives back on Lucy she discovers that D’Avin let Sabine go. She’s furious. She tells him what the woman’s true purpose was and now she’s gone. But D’Avin was smart enough to hide a tracker on her before letting her go. He reminds her that no matter what, their team always comes first.

He tells her that he didn’t want her to die in a cage. He sympathises with what she’s been through. Any one of them could be in her situation. The least he could do is not let her see it coming.

With Johnny out of communication, they leave for Leith without him to search for Sabine.


On Leith Dutch manages to track down the Level 6. Sabine tells her she’s tracking down one of Khlyen’s safe houses searching for help. The two fight but Dutch get’s the better of Sabine.

The 6 says that Khlyen is different because he feels for Dutch. He was there when it all started, the green, 6s, the RAC until something happened and he rebelled. Something about Dutch.

Khlyen has taken all memories of Dutch out of the green. He’s protecting her from something but none of them know from what.

Sabine tells her that Khlyen has been training her, her whole life to be a 6. She warns Dutch not to let them do it to her.

Feeling herself changing, Sabine begs Dutch to end her and the Killjoy complies. Afterwards, we see people drag Sabine’s body away.


Continuing on through the woods, Dutch finds the safe house. But it’s not Khlyen’s, it’s there for her. Filled with her own things including a red box.

Later she tells D’Avin that everything inside it was like a message she couldn’t decode yet. She doesn’t think she meant to find it yet.

The red box contains the name Aneela. Dutch speculates that it’s the other her, the one D’Avin saw on Arkyn. And she thinks Khlyen wants Dutch to kill her.

And that’s the end of the episode.

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