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I Love Lucy - Killjoys

I Love Lucy – Killjoys S2E06

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Welcome, I am so happy that you’ve joined me to discuss Killjoys.

I loved this week’s episode. There was action, asteroids, spaceships, an asteroid spaceship, romance, mysterious deaths and killer robots, what else could we want from a scifi show?

This week I talk about what San Romwell brings to the story, including a mysterious invader from 400 years ago that is slowly (crawling you might say) making its way across the galaxy. I also share my theory on what happened to Sabine. Level 6 anyone?

I talk about all this and more in this episode’s podcast.

As always, my episode discussion is followed by some great feedback contributors from listeners.

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Recap of I Love Lucy

The episode opens in Old Town with D’Avin and Johnny apprehending an elderly bootlegger. Learning that it’s a good idea to read the entire warrant before going after their prey.

Back on Lucy, Dutch suggests they find some of the green plasma in order to figure out exactly what it does to people. Johnny extracts some of the green substance from his pet Mossy for D’Avin to test out. The older Jaqobis brother demonstrates how he can attract and repel the substance but then suddenly he starts to seize. Johnny realises that D’Avin and Mossy are linked and manages to break the connection. Once recovered D’Avin tells them he was inside Mossy’s mind, which grosses him out.


Later at the Royal the three are discussing what happened. They theorise that the green plasma bonds organisms making them something new. Unfortunately the sample they took from Mossy can only bond with Mossy. In order to further test their theory they need to find some pure plasma.

Luckily Pree has some contacts that may help them get their hands on some and he and Dutch head outside to discuss it.

Meanwhile, D’Avin and Sabine start flirting at the bar so Johnny heads back to Lucy to call Pawter via her holophone. She tells him she found a redacted document in the council archives about the walls on Westerley. There’s a term on it she doesn’t recognise which he offers to look into for her. She asks him how he’s doing considering he’s lying to Dutch and D’Avin. He tells her that they’ll understand once they bring the wall down. It will all be worth it.

Once they end the connection, Johnny orders Lucy to erase the conversation from the ships archives.


Pree manages to get the Killjoys a meeting with San Romwell a collector who has some “green magic” which he claims can be used to control people. But he tells Dutch San only trades so she better bring him something interesting.

While talking to Pree, Dutch notices D’Avin and Sabine getting friendly inside the bar and is obviously uncomfortable with it. Pree tells her it’s OK to Dwant him, a word he made up for when someone doesn’t want to be with someone but they also don’t want anyone else to be with that same someone.


The Killjoys head off to find San Romwell. The coordinates Pree gave them lead them inside an asteroid field. But when they reach the destination there’s no ship there. Lucy informs them they are being hailed. San is anxious to meet them providing they have something to trade. The three are confused when he tells them to come onboard. But then one of the asteroids opens up revealing a docking bay. This revelation greatly excites Johnny who starts acting like a little kid.


Inside the asteroid ship, they meet San and his three female companions. San is eager for a trade so he takes them to his storage chamber where he keeps his molecular printer. Everything in his collection is stored on data keys, which he can simply print out when needed.

He demonstrates by printing out a vial of their desired green plasma and then having his machine dismantle it back into its molecular pieces.

They bring San onboard Lucy to show him what they have to trade. He’s not very impressed with what they have to offer.

While San is looking over their wares, Lucy informs Johnny that someone is attempting to hack into her system and is cataloguing everything onboard.

San is finally impressed when he spots Johnny’s pet mossipede Mossy but John doesn’t want to part with it. San also asks for the story of how they got it. He says the story behind the objects he trades for is what’s really important.

Dutch tells Johnny to just cut Mossy in two and give San half of it. Both halves will heal anyway.

Once the trade is complete, San pulls out a syringe, sticks it in his half of the mossipede and extracts its green goo. He holds out the syringe to Johnny saying they weren’t specific enough about what green plasma they wanted.

Dutch threatens to arrest him if they don’t get the vial they came for. When she draws her gun on him, San’s three androids draw on her. San then confiscates the Killjoys’ weapons and orders them off the ship.

San informs them that in order to go free they’ll need to trade Dutch’s cithara for her freedom. As for Johnny and D’Avin, he plans on adding them to his collection. He’s always wanted a pair of brothers.

At this, D’Avin turns and attacks one of the androids without any effect. With D’Avin in danger, Dutch concedes to San’s offer to trace the cithara and her story for all their freedom.


In San’s quarters, he informs Dutch that he wants to see her story. He has a device that lets them link their visual cortexes allowing him to experience the story as she pictures it in her head.

Dutch starts her story and San follows along as if he was there. Her family was extremely wealthy. They owned an entire moon at the edge of the J but they lost everything. As a girl, she was chosen to join a harem on the planet they orbited. She missed her home, her brothers and sisters. She was completely alone.

She says there was talk of a way out. One day they would compete to marry a handsome prince. She didn’t think she had a chance but her father sent her a tutor, Khlyen.

Her tutor got her the cithara. He taught her to charm the prince with music so he’d choose her when she became of age.

San asks her if she married the prince but she says that’s another story and asks for one of his in exchange. She asks him where he got the plasma.

He tells her he got it from some visitors that came to his home planet when he was a young man. Their ship was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Organic, almost like they had grown it instead of built it.

He had just started his collection and they had a world of wonders. Most of all, the liquid used to run their ship. He traded for it and then left his planet. He’s never been back.

Dutch knows there’s more to his story but he insists she finishes hers first.

She tells him that Khlyen taught her a special song for her wedding night. She was supposed to sing it while the prince played the music, but she never got the chance.

She receives a message from Johnny asking her to buy them some time so she offers to sing the song to San if he’ll accompany her on the cithara.

While she sings, San imagines living a life and growing old with someone special to him. At the end of the song he’s sad, he had forgotten what that dream was even like, to live and die with someone.

San realises that something is wrong. He can’t move. Dutch tells him there’s a paralytic agent on the strings that she’s immune to. She tells him that her tutor also taught her to kill. He let her believe that her wedding would be the end of it. That when she was married, she would be free. That’s what she was trading for every time she killed someone. But on her wedding day, he told her the cithara was an instrument of murder and the prince was the target. Khlyen stole back her freedom and she won’t allow anyone to take it from her again.

With one of the cithara strings, she chokes San to death.


Elsewhere in the ship, San’s androids are preparing D’Avin and Johnny for inclusion in San’s collection. They want to place the brothers on the machine to be broken down into their constituent atoms.

At this the two brothers attack. D’Avin is quickly overpowered but Johnny manages to stick a device on the back of one of the androids that sync her with Lucy allowing a stripped down version of the ship A.I. to take over the body. The Lucybot quickly dispatches the one holding D’Avin.

She informs the brothers that she’s blocked San Romwell’s neurolink controlling the androids. But she can only hold them off for about 5 minutes. Before leaving D’Avin grabs some peaches he finds on a shelf.

They are attacked by the two remaining androids while making their way to Lucy. But they suddenly stop once Dutch kills San.


Dutch tells Johnny and D’Avin to go open the doors to the landing bay so they can get out of there. She’s going to the printer room to get the green plasma they came for.

In the room, Dutch tries several keys before remembering that Johnny had touched the key she’s looking for. Using a scanner she finds the key with Johnny’s DNA on it.

After printing the vial, San walks in and the two fight. He’s much more formidable than she anticipated and Dutch suspects he’s a level 6.

But he tells her that the people that came to his planet were there to conquer it. His father was a lord so they tortured him for secrets to the planet’s defences. He trades the lives of those on the planet for his freedom and he regrets it every day.

He made it to an outlaw hospital ship where they healed him with hacked nanobots that worked a little too well. They’ve kept him alive for 432 years.

Satisfied that he’s not there to kill her, Dutch lets him go. He tells her that every once in a while he convinces someone to stay with him on his ship. But the years pass and eventually so do they.

He offers her a hairpin as a gift; it’s the first thing he ever traded for. All he wants is to make amends.


Still trying to find their way through the asteroid, D’Avin, Johnny and the Lucybot are confronted once again by the other two androids.

D’Avin and Johnny inform Dutch that the bots are still after them. San is just as confused as the rest of them. He told them to stand down but they’re not responding. The bots are stuck in kill mode.

He offers to help her if she considers staying with him. She tells him to either help because it’s the right thing to do or stay out of her way.


Cornered in a room with the androids batting down the door, Lucybot turns towards Johnny. She asks him to kiss her. She explains that if he dies this may be her last chance to gain that sensory input. Johnny tells her that’s not a good reason. So Lucybot tells him this may be his last chance to kiss a robot.

To D’Avin’s surprise, Johnny concedes and kisses her. Afterwards, she thanks him and then goes to confront the other androids. As she holds them off Johnny and D’Avin make a run for it but not before seeing Lucybot shot and disabled.


The two brothers make it back to Lucy at the same time as Dutch and San. Unfortunately, the hanger doors are still closed. Lucy can’t blast them because she’s fending off a hacking attempt by the two remaining androids.

Johnny runs into Lucy to help her while D’Avin has an idea. Using the plasma that Dutch has he coats a piece of photonic crystal making it into an unstable bomb. He uses his powers to control the plasma trying to launch the crystal at the androids. His aim is a bit off and the crystal bounces around gaining momentum. But at the speed it’s going the blast it will create could destroy the entire asteroid.

Dutch convinces San to abandon his collection and go with them. They escape the asteroid right before it blows up.


Safely onboard Lucy, D’Avin confesses to Dutch that using his powers to help them is the first time he’s felt good about himself since his time in the army. She tells him to use that self-esteem to have some fun with Sabine in Old Town.


San tells Dutch that he feels free for the first time in a very long time. He had forgotten what it felt like to be a part of a story. Dutch gives him new identity papers to help him get out of the Quad. In gratitude, he offers her a vial of the green plasma. He had printed an extra one just in case.

He tells her that he’s heard rumours over the centuries that the invaders that came to his homework are making their way across the galaxy. He wishes he knew more.

He tells her that not everyone has a happy ending so be happy when you can.


On Leith, Dutch goes to Alvis where the two end up in bed together. In the morning Alvis tells her that he’s been going through the archives. The tree of life they pray about has a sap that they call the elixir that bestows eternal life. He’s wondering if they’re both looking for the same thing. He’s thinking that the Scarbacks weren’t cutting themselves as penance, but instead to prove that they weren’t infected with plasma. Proving that they can still bleed and scar.


On Lucy, Johnny is communicating with Pawter, telling her that one of his contacts has heard of telaplasticity using EMR to disrupt thought patterns. Theoretically. He’s found one of the engineers. Word is she’s hiding out in Old Town and he’s meeting her tonight.

When he gets to his quarters he’s surprised to see a projection of Pawter waiting for him. He didn’t realise he had left the holophone on. He’s even more surprised when she steps off the holophone and is really on the ship. The two waste no time getting intimate.


At the Royal, D’Avin finally built up the courage to hook up with Sabine. He shows her the peaches he brought back for her and she shows her gratefulness by passionately attacking him. The two strip and get it on.

Sabine straddles him. Her face takes on an expression of ecstasy before turning to fear as green goo flows from her eyes and mouth. She collapses in a seizure as a pool of plasma oozes out of her.

And that’s the end of the episode.


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