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meet the parents

Meet The Parents

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Welcome, I am so happy that you’ve joined me to discuss Killjoys.

What a great episode this week. They weren’t kidding when they titled this episode Meet The Parents. We got it from both ends.

I loved Andrew Gillies as Weymer Simms, Pawter’s father. It’s too bad he has to die in almost every role he plays. Kudos also goes to Luke MacFarlane and Rob Steward for their spot on portrayal of each other.

I’m really curious as to what’s happening on Qresh that has the 9 families so worried. And now that Pawter is head of the Simms household I can’t wait for her next encounter with Delle Seyah Kendry.

Poor Johnny, he’s caught between the two women he loves. You could see at the end of the episode just how much it hurt him to lie to Dutch. How will he manage?

I talk about all this and more in this episode’s podcast.

As always, my episode discussion is followed by some great feedback contributors from listeners.

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Recap of Meet The Parents

The episode opens in Old Town with Dutch and D’Avin arresting a couple of smugglers on a warrant, The two are working alone while Johnny is escorting Pawter to Qresh.

Once the two captives are securely stored on board Lucy, D’Avin makes his way back to the Royal and awkwardly flirts with Pree’s new bartender. He starts to see and hear things before passing out and falling to the floor.

At that same time, far away approaching the planet Telen, Khlyen is using his green goo to make a mental link with D’Avin, hoping the Killjoys will help lead him to his destination.

They make their way to the residence of Merris Jaqobis, D’Avin and Johnny’s father where Khlyen plans on getting some answers about D’Avin and how he rejected the level 6 procedure.

Marris tells them he can’t help. He hasn’t seen D’Avin since he joined the military. But Khlyen has other plans. He has Fancy Lee inject Marris with the level 6 green goo to see the reaction. When Marris doesn’t have the reaction they expected they speculate that it may come from the mother’s side so Khlyen tries to reestablish his connection to D’Avin.


Back on Lucy D’avin tells Dutch about his experience passing out at the Royal. She’s a little concerned because the last time his head felt weird he tried to kill her. D’Avin relinquishes his gun just to be safe. Which Dutch then draws on him when he starts humming a tune that only she and Khlyen know.

D’avin tells her that during his vision he was seeing things like he was looking through someone else’s eyes. They guess that Khlyen may have found a way to link their minds.

D’Avin is adjusting the prisoner’s restraints when suddenly he feels it again in his head. The prisoners break free but he doesn’t notice. Dutch is forced to deal with them while D’aving tries to improvise and follows the connection back to Khlyhen. Something goes wrong and D’Avin snaps to in Khlyen’s body.


On Telen, D’Avin pretends to be Khlyen but Fancy Lee isn’t buying it. Using Khlyen’s strength and agility he bests Fancy Lee and then, convincing his father that it’s him, sends the older man away.

Fancy Lee wakes up and attacks, and even though he’s in Khlyen’s body, D’Avin is no match for him.


On Lucy, Khlyen, now in D’Avin’s body reacts to the treat of the escaped prisoners and easily dispatches of them but not before taking a wound in his side. Something he hasn’t experienced in a while.

Khlyen tells her that the plasma acts as a conduit between their minds. He needs to get a message back to Fancy Lee to switch them back before the Black Root finds and kills them. Dutch ignores his protests and tends to the wounds in his side.

He confesses to her that he’s trying to figure out why D’Avin is immune to the green goo but he’s very cryptic as to what it actually is. He tells her he had plans for her but then D’Avin made the impossible possible. She wants to know what but he tells her she’s too unstable. If she knew she would charge in blind and destroy everything. It’s who she is.

Lucy announces that D’Avin’s body is in critical condition. The two men need to switch back now but Khlyen has no idea how.


On Qresh at the Simms household, Johnny tries to comfort Pawter who is nervous about being home for the first time since her exile.

Pawter introduces him to her sister Luella and her fiancé Hank who obviously has a past connection with Pawter. Her father then arrives to welcome her home.

Her father is happy to see her but is worried about her meeting her mother. He offers to help her with whatever she needs. But what she needs is to have the order of exile lifted off of her. He tells her, her mother won’t hear of it, but she swears she’s ready to take her place as a true and rightful daughter of the nine.

Unfortunately her father can tell when she’s lying so she confesses that she’s trying to figure out what the company is doing on Westerley and Old Town. The only way for her to stop it is to be a member of the board.


Later a nervous Pawter tracks Johnny down to the family baptismal pool where he’s taking a dip, a skinny dip. She’s worried because her father is organizing a family dinner and she doesn’t have a lot of time to teach Johnny their rituals.


Later in the dining hall, Johnny tries to keep up with the Qreshi ceremonial customs but fails miserably, further embarrassing the already uncomfortable Pawter.

When Pawter finally builds up the courage to ask her mother, Adeline Sayah Simms for help her mother says no before Pawter even completes her request. Her mother knows she wants the order of exile lifted and wont hear of it. Once the meal is over Pawter and Johnny are to leave.

Upset, Pawter leaves the table, followed by Johnny. After composing herself she’s going to go back in to confront her mother but Johnny stops her. He tells her she deserves better than them. But she says so do the people of Old Town.

Their conversation is interrupted when Castor, the family servant walks in half frozen. He warns them to stay out of the fog before falling to the floor where she shatters into millions of pieces.


Everyone is obviously shaken, but Adeline quickly takes charge, collecting samples to examine. When Pawter offers to help her mother brushes her aside.

Suspecting a bio attack, Johnny puts out a distress call while Pawter ignores her mother’s orders and goes to help her.

Pawter tells her that she spent most of her childhood outside her mom’s lab door. It’s probably the reason she became a doctor. Her mother, obviously not proud of her daughter tells Pawter not to blame her for her misfortune.

Pawter tells her mother that most people would be happy to have a doctor in the family but her mother says that’s not how any of the 9 see it. Pawter was supposed to lead their family, make the hard decisions required of one of the 9.

Their conversation ends when the results of their experiments are displayed on the computer, but they don’t make sense.


Outside the house, Louella goes to warn the staff in the boathouse. Johnny stops her right as she opens the door and her hand touches the fog. He rushes her back into the house as her hand starts to freeze. A quick thinking Pawter grabs a ceremonial sword off the mantel and severs her sister’s arm.


While Pawter and Adeline tend to Louella. Johnny and Weymer spend some time together. Pawter’s father tells him how he used to be a carpenter when he met Adeline and fell in love. Her family threatened to disown her over it but she faught and won.

Johnny questions their decision to exile Pawter. Weymer tells him that when you love two people equally, you choose the one that makes you a better person. He tells Johnny that he has no idea what their family had to do, or what was best for Pawter.

Johnny’s scans of the area reveal an alpha shield. And impregnable device designed not to keep things out, but to keep things in, like pathogens that escape from a lab. If they don’t take the shield down now they’ll all die.

Johnny confronts Adeline about the shield only to discover that she’s infected by the pathogen. She thought she found a cure so she infected herself. Only to discover that she was wrong.

The pathogen is her own creation. Someone set it loose as an attack on her family. Johnny plans on blowing up the shield’s power source dispersing the fog making it harmless. But Adeline tells him that it’s designed to replicate exponentially, not dissipate. If it gets out everyone on the planet is in danger. Realizing his error he runs off to stop the bomb he had set up.

Pawter arrives and questions her mother about her work. Adeline tells her it was for Qresh. She says that their planet and people are under a ticking clock. Some of the 9 families embrace their fate, others try to resist it. This was her way to try to stop it. She was trying to make Qresh uninhabitable for those who are trying to take it.

Somehow she failed. Her pathogen was meant to freeze land and water but she was off and she can’t fix it. All she can do is provide Pawter with a full record of what the pathogen does to a human subject. She pleads with her daughter to use the science and help the others.

Adeline tells Pawter that her father never wanted her to become head of the family, because in order to protect those you love, you need to become something you hate.

The pathogen then consumes her and she freezes solid.

Pawter is torn as to what to do. Part of her just wants to get drunk, but the other part needs to fix the problem. Johnny supports the latter idea so she gets to work studying the data her mother left her.

She discovers that the pathogen may have a weakness, extreme heat. They just need to figure out how to but it without killing everyone. Luckily Johnny has an idea.


Dutch and Johnny talk to each other, both keeping their current predicaments from the other. Dutch asks him hypothetically how he would switch two consciences that had somehow changed place. He tells her that a good electrical shock may do the trick.

Since they’re talking in hypotheticals he asks her how much explosives would be needed to set off 20-30 gas lines. She gives him the answer he needs.

The two know the other is in trouble but they trust each other to come out safely.


Johnny needs to get through the fog in order to set off the gas lines. Louella offers her diving suit to keep his skin protected from exposure to the pathogen.

He makes his way to the control plant where he’s attacked by Hank. The traitor destroys the bomb and offers to split the Joy he’s getting 50/50 with Johnny if they let the fog kill the family.


Inside the house, Pawter and Louella are reflecting about their mother and her strange way of showing her love for them.

When enough time passes without an explosion Weymer decides to go check on Johnny, even though it means exposure to the fog. His two daughters plead with him not to go. He tells them to be strong. Sometimes they have choices to make and sometimes they don’t have any choices.


Inside the control plant, Hank is about to kill Johnny when Weymer arrives. The distraction is enough for Johnny to get the upper hand and knock Hank out.

The detonator on the bomb is broken. The only way to set it off is by shooting it. Weymer, who walked through the fog to get there is already dying and offers to do it himself. He asks Johnny to take care of his daughter but the killjoy assures the man that Pawter can take care of herself.

The two nod at each other, then Johnny gives him the bomb and his gun and then runs back to the house.

After waiting 2 minutes, Weymer sets off the bomb blowing up himself and all the gas lines which burn off all the fog, saving everyone.


On Lucy, Dutch gets Khlyen to lie down before shocking him but it doesn’t work. D’Avin’s body is getting worse. Dutch tells Khlyen that she doesn’t hate him anymore. She misses hating him. Now she’s floating and doesn’t know what to hold onto.

Khlyen is distracted by D’Avin’s vitals on the monitor. He notices an abnormality in the brain scan. Dutch tells him that the military performed some experiments on him. That could be the clue he’s been searching for.

He tells Dutch about his last transmission from Red 17. He tells her that when she cracks it she’ll have her answers.

She asks him one last question, why was she on Arkyn as a girl? He tells her that it wasn’t her. Then he shocks himself.

When he wakes, D’Avin is back in his own body. Dutch rejoices and the two of them head to Qresh to pick up Johnny.


While on Teren, Khlyen tells Fancy Lee of the military experiment and the two head off to find answers.


Later on Qresh, Pawter takes the oath to become the head of house Simms and lady of the land.

After the ceremony, she tells Johnny that she doesn’t want him to help her because of her. He tells her that that’s the old Johnny. He’s having doubts. He wants to give a shit like she does. He’s tired of not being able to do that. And he wants to give a shit with her. He says maybe The warrant isn’t all for him. She tells him he can’t tell Dutch or D’Avin anything. For all their sakes.


Later on Lucy. Dutch and Johnny talk face to face. She tells him that a lot of things have change for her lately but she’s glad they haven’t. She asks him if things did change he would tell her wouldn’t he? He takes a few seconds to reply but says yes, he would. As she walks away you can see how lying to her is tearing at him.

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