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In this episode of The Under The Dome Podcast I discuss the fourth episode of season 2  titled “Revelation” that aired on July 21th 2014 on CBS. I go over some recent news regarding the show and talk about it’s ratings. In my episode discussion I talk about Julia and Sam and their quest to stop Rebecca and Jim’s plan. I talk about how the kids, with Barbie’s help discover the truth about Melanie’s past. I also talk about how Jr. and Lyle find Pauline’s journal and what possibilities may come of it. And of course I discuss the big plan to cull the town’s population by infecting them with a virus in the hopes of killing one quarter of them.  I close out this episode with some listeners feedback.

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Links discussed in this episode:

Under The Dome to Ramp Up Body Count in Back Half of Season 2

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  1. A few of answers for a few of questions you raised.

    1. The virus was incubated from the blood she drew from the dead pig on the farm.

    2. Her calculations on fatalities are probably modeled against observation of the pigs. Figuring that the percentage of dead pigs relative to the entire pig population would be reflected comparably in the human population.

    3. Mutation, probably an assumption passed on as if fact. But it would be reasonable to think that if expected to kill only one or two pigs and she later found out that it killed a dozen or more a mutation would be a good explanation for this.

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