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This week we continue season 2 of The Expanse with the third episode titled “Static”.

In this week’s podcast after sharing some news from The Expanse, I talk about the double episode premiere. I end the podcast with some great listener feedback.



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Episode Recap



The episode starts with UN missiles destroying Deimos, a moon orbiting Mars. Although Mars hasn’t responded yet to the attack, the Marines aboard the M.C.R.N. Scirocco are furious and increase their training for the battle to come. There is some tension between them since Private Travis was born on Earth, but in the end, they are all Marines and they have each other’s backs.

Bobbie Draper tells her Lieutenant that all will be good once they get to Earth and can engage their enemy. But she’s shocked to learn they are not going to Earth, they’re going to Ganymede station to guard the food supplies.

While back on Earth Avasarala and Errinwright contemplate what would happen if Mars decided to attach Earth. Regardless which of the two powerhouses would win, the battle would be bloody.

When Cotyar brings her a secure line to Fred Johnson she sends the Colonel a message telling him he was right, She pleads with him for his help in stopping the escalation between Earth and Mars. She asks him to send any information he can.

Fred complies and sends her the location of one of the stealth ships. But what is she to do with it?


On Tycho Station, while the Rocinante is undergoing repairs, her crew contemplates the events from last episode each in their own way.

Holden, visibly upset over Miller’s actions leaves with Naomi as Fred offers the ex-detective passage off the station to anywhere he wants just so long as he leaves.

Holden and Naomi discuss what transpired and they each have different interpretations of it. All James sees is that Miller killed an unarmed man, but Naomi sees a mass murderer who won’t harm anyone anymore.

To blow off steam, Naomi goes off with Fred’s second in command to play some ball and enjoy a night in the clubs.

While drowning his sorrows at a local bar, Amos stops by to drop off Miller’s belongings from the Roci and Miller invites the man to drink with him. Amos tells him he’s no longer welcome on their ship. Even though the two of them are pretty much a like, if Holden says Miller is no good, who is Amos to argue.

Later, Diogo and his friend show up still high on the adrenaline from the attack. They both think Miller is a hero. When they find out Miller doesn’t have a place to stay, Diogo invites him to say at his place.

Not used to having a roommate, let along a teenage misfit. Miller is shocked to discover that the awful music Diogo is listening to is actually comprised of sounds being broadcast from Eros. He tells Miller that they see it as a call to war between Earth, Mars and The Belt. But Miller tells him it’s not as glorifying as it sounds. In his contemplation, Miller sees Julie Mao.

Miller finds his way to a Mormon church seeking information about the Nauvoo and it’s journey. He’s told that the only thing holding the Mormons back from departing on their 100 year journey is a glitch in the environmental system. But once that’s fixed the ship will be ready to leave.

Alex is grieving on his own. He feels responsible for the pod of belters that was lost. If only he took out the station’s cannon on time. He punishes himself by replaying the simulation over and over trying to beet the odds but failing every time. Knowing there was nothing he could have done doesn’t ease his mind.

When Holden confronts him about it, Alex simply tells him that next time, he’s going to save them all.

Fred decides to interrogate the prisoners from the station, specifically the lone surviving scientists, Cortazar. He discovered that every one of them once worked for a company named Protogen but their records end two years ago.

They question Cortazar about the Protomolecule and what they were doing on the station and on Eros. The man shows no remorse. In fact, he seems pleased and eager to learn of the progress happening on Eros.

They later learn that his brain has been altered so that he doesn’t feel empathy. Cortazar no longer has the means to consider any lives but his own.

Amos, feeling akin to the man and knowing how to connect with him, goes to talk to the prisoner. He feeds Cortazar’s curiosity about what happened to Julie Mao and what’s happening on Eros.

The man opens up to Amos and starts explaining his theories. The proper way to talk to Cortazar is to feed his obsession not threaten to take it away. Amos leaves when he realizes that the Protomolecule needs to feed on a power source to live.

Later James shows him images of Phoebe and tells him about the Anubis and let him hear the sounds of Eros. The man confides that the Protomolecule learns, the more biomass you feed it the faster it grows. They let it loose to study it, to find out if they could control it. After listening to the audio feed Cortazar says that whatever is happening on Eros the Protomolecule is building something, whatever it is, they will soon find out.

Holden doesn’t know if the people on Eros are dead or not, but he knows they have to do something and he’ll need Naomi and the rest of the crew’s help.


Miller arrives at Fred’s office saying he wants to go to Eros. They both know something bad is happening there and they need to destroy it. Fred agrees.

He tells Fred that he didn’t kill Dresden because he was crazy. He killed him because the man was making sense.

In order to take out Eros they’ll have to use the Nauvoo.

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