203 The Orphan Black Podcast – Mingling Its Own Nature With It

May 8, 2014 | The Orphan Black Podcast | 0 comments

Mingling Its Own Nature With It


In this third episode of the second season of The Orphan Black Podcast I talk about the episode entitled Mingling Its Own nature With It. I start off with some news followed by my episode recap and then head into my episode discussion. In my discussion I talk about Sarah, Felix and Kira on the road and breaking into a summer cabin and the subsequent introduction of Cal. I also talk about Alison’s paranoia, her return to alcohol and pills and her spiralling out of control during the opening night of her play. I discuss Helena and the plans the Prolethians have for her. I mention Art and Angie and what both are up to. And of course I talk about the going ons at the Dyad Institute and the post-mortem introduction of a new clone, Jennifer Fitzsimmons. I finish the episode with some great listener feedback and some answers to my Double Take questions regarding Daniel’s tracking abilities, Delphine’s trustworthiness and Helena’s destiny.

I hope to hear from you as season 2 progresses. Join in the conversation by sending me your thoughts and theories.

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