202 The Orphan Black Podcast – Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion

Apr 30, 2014 | The Orphan Black Podcast | 0 comments

Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion


In this second episode of the second season of The Orphan Black Podcast I talk about the episode entitled Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion. This is a sting continuation from the pilot episode. In my podcast start off giving some news then I dive right into the story. I discuss Helena’s plight, her medical condition and what the Prolethians might want with her. I talk about Sarah’s and Art’s alliance and their hunt for Kira and Sarah’s subsequent discovery that Kira has been safe with Mrs. S. the whole time. I touch on Ainsley’s funeral and Alison’s discovery that Donnie is her monitor. The introduction of Henrik and return of Thomas gives me lots to talk about in regards to the different sects of Prolethians and what their endgame might be. I also discuss Cosima’s new job at the Dyad Institute and her meeting Rachel and the conversation that ensues. Finally I talk about The Birdwatchers, the man and woman that Mrs. S. took shelter with, and every thing that went down there. I finish the episode with some great listener feedback.

I hope to hear from you now that season 2 is under way. Join in the conversation by sending me your thoughts and theories.

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