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Critical Mass Leviathan Wakes feedback

Critical Mass, Leviathan Wakes, Feedback episode

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Welcome everyone. This is a special feedback only episode of The Expanse Podcast for the two hour finale of The Expanse which comprised of the episodes titled Critical Mass and Leviathan Wakes.

I received some wonderful feedback from some great listeners talking about what their expectations for this series were and if season 1 met them. They also talk about what they hope to see in season 2 that will air in January 2017, as well as if season 1 has enticed them to read or in some cases re-read the books the series is based on.

I want to thank my listeners for all the wonderful support and love I’ve received over the course of this season. I can’t wait to connect with you again for season 2 and beyond.

Enjoy the rest of 2016

Mark Des Cotes

NASA travel posters link provided by listener Andy.

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