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Aug 14, 2015 | The Warrant Is All - The Killjoys Podcast | 0 comments

Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye, Come the Rain

Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye & Come the Rain

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Welcome everyone. I am so happy that you’ve joined me to discuss Killjoys.

What a great couple of episodes these were. I personally preferred Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye over Come the Rain but they were both great.

This week during my episode discussion on Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye I discuss the trio’s quest to track down Dr. Jaeger and what happens when they find her. I also talk about the connection that Dutch and D’avin make. As well as the revelations about D’avin’s, Dutch’s and Pawter’s pasts. I then move on to Come the Rain where I discuss Johnny’s adventure in The Royal when the Black Rain hits Old Town and the trials Dr. Pawter goes through. I also talk about Dutch and D’avin’s warrant and how they’re forced to come to terms with what happened between them in the last episode.

As always, my episode discussions are followed by some great feedback contributors from listeners.

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