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Welcome everyone. I’m thrilled that you’ve joined me today to discuss The Expanse.

What an exciting action packed episode. It seems like the Canterbury’s survivors really know how to get themselves into the thick of it.

In this week’s podcast after sharing some news from The Expanse, including the season 2 renewal announcement, I talk about the four locations of the episode. Ceres Station, Earth and Tycho Station and the MCRN Flagship Donnager.

We don’t get a whole lot at Ceres Station this week, Miller investigates the dead body he found. The I.D. comes up as Bizi Betiko but we soon learned that it’s an assumed name and that’s pretty well it. Other than the fact that Havelock is till alive, but we’ll have to wait until next episode for his status.

On Earth we get even less this week, Avasarala has a short conversation with Admiral Souther about the battle taking place with the Donnager. And then we get a small scene with her on her roof and a one sided conversation by her grandson.

We are introduced to a new location this week. Tycho Station and the man in charge there, Fred Johnson. We learn that Tycho is building the L.D.S.S. Nauvoo, a Mormon generation ship. Because of his ties to the OPA, Fred is asked to step down as project leader but through a bit of blackmail and treats he manages to retain his job. There’s more to Fred we don’t know, as he orders the Nauvoo’s vast sensor array pointed towards the Donnager and demands a full report of what’s going on.

And now on the MCRN Donnager, Holden refuses to convict Naomi for a crime he knows she didn’t commit. The mysterious ship that the Martians think is coming for Naomi splits into 6 vessels and attacks without warning. The Donnager, the most powerful ship in the Mars NAVY is out gunned and is boarded.

The Donnager’s captain orders Officer Lopez to get Holden to MCRN Command because he’s the only one who can corroborate that Mars was not responsible for the destruction of the Canterbury. Holden refuses to leave without his crew mates and manages to get away to find them, only to discover that Shed is dead. The survivors, along with Lopez manage to work their way to the Tachi, a smaller ship and escape the attack. Right before the Donnager captan scuttles the ship.

Wow, again, what a great episode.

I finish off with some great feedback contributions from listeners.


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